September 20, 2016

Monte Carlo Polo Cup 2016

Two days ago, Prince Albert handed out the awards for the Monte Carlo Polo Cup 2016, with Princess Charlene by his side – looking stunning as ever, of course! I’ve got to say, while I can never have too much of the evening gowns and the dripping diamonds that we get at formal events, I still have a soft spot for the casual engagements that showcase Charlene’s simple, elegant style.  Let’s face it, everyone – or almost everyone, I guess – can look classy in formalwear, but not everyone can look classy around horses. (Photos courtesy of Facebook.)


Charlene wore this black, soft-bateau neck pullover in conjunction with white skinny trousers (or they might be jeans, but I can’t tell from here) and comfy brown boots. The combination of brown with black doesn’t usually result in a successful verdict from me, but in this particular case, it does. I love the flow of the outfit, the casual style, and each element is lovely by itself. I’m surprised that they work well together here, but for me, this was a win.


This photo gives us a view of the back of the pullover, which is very surprising to me. I wasn’t expecting an accented back, but there it is. You also get a closer detailing on the pullover itself here, which seems to be a knit with detailing on the seams. Subtle and lovely. (This photo also gives us a clear look at the back of her hair, which seems to be perfectly trimmed – I like how she is styling her hair now that the pixie has grown out.)


She also accessorized with sunnies (shown in the first photo) and the above Louis Vuitton bag, which is hard not to love!


While this photo is way too close up, it does give us a good look at her makeup, which is natural and muted, and at the cross necklace that she wears so often. This necklace seems to be a signature piece of hers, though I don’t think I’ve seen such a close-up look at it before. Is anyone else surprised that she decided not to wear earrings, though? I would say this was the one flaw in an otherwise perfect appearance. A good set of earrings would have completed this look, and Lord knows Charlene has no shortage of good earrings.


All that cutesy hand-holding, too. I love this couple.


It really was a lovely appearance from the princess, and her wardrobe gave me a delightful reminder of how much I love cool-weather fashion. Fall is here, complete with boots and sweaters, and I can’t get enough. Bring it on!


  1. Whatever Charlene wears is always a winner. But I agree with you that a pair of earrings would have added the final touch to a perfect outfit!

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