September 11, 2016

Princess Charlene Participates in World First Aid Day

I promised I’d be back soon, so here I am! After her stunning appearance at the nursing school graduation, Princess Charlene headed to Geneva, Switzerland, to participate in the launch of World First Aid Day 2016. As we all know, Charlene takes a firm stance on first aid awareness and its applications, so it was no surprise to see her front-and-center at the launch. She gave a speech at the press conference and taught children some life-saving techniques first-hand. (Photos courtesy of Facebook.)


Being a Goodwill Ambassador for the International Federation of the Red Cross and the Red Crescent Societies, Charlene’s speech was impassioned and direct, calling for children worldwide to be trained in first-aid. Her stance seems to stem from her well-founded belief that children are more than capable of saving lives – as long as they know the proper techniques and responses to various life-threatening situations.


Personally, I love Charlene for entrusting children with these sorts of skills. Children are so much more capable than we give them credit for, and while it is always a good rule to search for a qualified adult in perilous situations, children can be a valuable help to themselves or anyone in need, assuming they have learned the proper skills. Things like drown-proofing and CPR are basic techniques that children can learn with relative ease, and just knowing these tools can be life-saving in emergencies. At the launch, it was estimated that more than one million children are lost every year to treatable injuries. As a parent, that strikes me as horrifying. I could go on and on, but I’ll take a deep breath here and re-focus my energy…


…onto the engagement itself. Charlene was poised, as usual, and dressed to work. I appreciated the fact that she nixed the opportunity to get dressed up, and instead opted for navy trousers with a polo. Of course, the polo did give a shout-out to the Princess Charlene of Monaco Foundation and to the Red Cross, but why not? That was the whole point of the day.


She did give a little sense of her style with jewelry, though – those Dior earrings again! I love them so, and somehow they were just right with this outfit. I think Charlene has given these earrings some really great press: they can be dressed up or down and still make the entire look come together with smashing success. Perfection!


And I’m still lovin’ on her hair. Duh.

I will be back again (just watch, after all that waiting throughout August, you guys will be sick of me by the end of September!) with some more gorgeous updates from yet another outing. Stay tuned!

On a slightly more somber note…today is September 11th, and I would be remiss not to acknowledge it. For the lives lost, and those who were left behind in the wake of unspeakable sadness, we are thinking of you today with heavy hearts and sober minds. You are remembered.


  1. Dear Katie,

    Dosen’t she look beautiful?

    Would you be interested in knowing what Brand she is wearing?

  2. Katie Coble says:

    Hi Sophie – yes to both of your questions! I am always very much interested in knowing her brands; however, I am sometimes hopelessly unaware. In the event that I do know a designer, I promise I will always share it :) Either way, though, I’m glad you’re here and hope to see you again soon!

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