September 9, 2016

She’s Baaaaack!

It has been a long time, folks. Actually, it hasn’t been *that* long, but it has been about a month since we’ve seen Princess Charlene out-and-about, which is agonizingly long to wait as a royal watcher. Top that off with the fact that I’m not too keen on summer to begin with – though if you talk to me in the middle of a winter storm, my tune might change on that one – so I was not a joyful person to be around during the royal dry-spell that was August. I tried to remind myself that much of Europe takes long, extended summer holidays that usually land in and around August, so that gave me a little more patience. Once September hit, though, I was ready for my refill of Charlene and her gorgeous clothes, jewelry, hair…everything. Luckily, Charlene did not disappoint, and she kicked off her return to engagements by handing out the diplomas for some lovely nursing school graduates. (Photos courtesy of Facebook.)


The Princess Charlene of Monaco Foundation had supported these graduates back in June, when they assisted in organizing a drowning-prevention awareness day, and Charlene thusly sponsored their graduation – in person, no less! A wonderful gesture, undoubtedly special for the graduates, and equally near and dear to Charlene, as we all know how important water safety awareness is to the princess.


As for Charlene’s appearance, she couldn’t have looked more lovely in what I believe to be another Roland Mouret dress. We know that Charlene has clearly favored the designer this year, but this time we got a pop of color to go along with it! I am so used to seeing Roland Mouret dresses in white, thanks to both Charlene and the Duchess of Cambridge, so seeing this bright red number was a delightful change of pace for me. Some have critiqued the shoulders on this as being strange, width-wise, but they’re not bothering me. Charlene is statuesque enough to pull it off, I think. I love the structure of it, and the unique, modern version of the cap-sleeve actually works here. And those heels? Yessssss.


Makeup was perfect, and her hair, guys…wow. It was so stunning! The pixie seems to have grown out a bit more, and her coloring is a bright blond that is absolute heaven with her end-of-summer tan. (Charlene’s skin is still quite fair, but you can tell she’s enjoyed some sun this past month.) I only wish we could have had a better look at her jewelry. It’s hard to see on here, but she’s wearing the most delicate silver necklace, which matches some very unique, equally delicate – but quite sparkly – earrings. I’m hoping we can get a repeat on these items in the future, so we can have a better look!

Another post coming very, very soon on Charlene’s second engagement since her return, where she took part in some very important first-aid lessons. All that and more coming soon! Until then, it’s good to see you all again and be BACK! Hooray!


  1. Broceliande says:

    You forgot the 12 August visit to retirement home

  2. Katie Coble says:

    Hi there! Actually, I couldn’t get any pictures (legally) of that engagement, so I wasn’t able to post on it. I always make sure that I’m covered on all legal angles before taking photos, and a post without photos is hardly that interesting 😉 Sorry about that, my friend!

  3. Charlene looks wonderful in red! Strong and vibrant colours really suit her. She should wear them more often. Anyway to me she is the loveliest and most elegant Princess !!!!!!

  4. Hi Katie!
    So happy to see you again posting about our favorite royal!
    Princess Charlène has some absolutely winning dress choices lately and this one, is perfect for her. Red color suits her perfectly.
    Also for me she is de the most elegant and stylish Princess :)

  5. Katie Coble says:

    Hi Myriam! I completely agree about the vibrant colors. Not all of us are that lucky…especially with red 😉 Thanks for stopping by to share your thoughts!

  6. Katie Coble says:

    HI Bluma, it’s so good to see you again too!! I always enjoy your lovely comments :) It seems that many of us are of one mind when it comes to the red. It was perfect on her yet again!
    See you again soon!

  7. It IS a R. Mouret dress.
    About mot finding pictures: you always find some on each occasion on FB Royal Highness page. They are downloadable and using them you could refer to the site.

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