July 2, 2016

Princess Charlene Stuns in Gorgeous Plum Gown + Happy 5th Anniversary to the Princely Couple!

Good evening to you all, and a special happy anniversary wish to Princess Charlene and Prince Albert! Today – well, yesterday and today – the Princely couple celebrates 5 years of marital bliss. And as a little treat, the couple was in Monte Carlo the other night for a gala in honor of the 10th anniversary of Prince Albert of Monaco Foundation. (Photos courtesy of Facebook and Getty.)


Charlene’s dress was absolutely, crazy gorgeous. I love when she wears a bateau neckline with large earrings, and luckily for me, she tends to do this on a frequent basis. The color of this gown is glorious with Charlene’s coloring. Something about jewel tones on her just knocks my socks off. I have always loved this color in particular on her: plum, aubergine, wine, whatever you want to call it. It’s delicious.


The simplicity of the gown itself really wins me over here – perhaps the princess got wind of my unenthusiastic reaction to her gold Ralph Lauren gown from a couple weeks ago? Who knows! All I can say is YES to the simple, quiet elegance of this chic gown. It draws attention to Charlene’s beauty instead of its own, sort of like the old adage of “she wears the dress, the dress doesn’t wear her.” You know.


If I had to nitpick, I’d probably swap out the belt for something a little more showy, and definitely change the shoes. I love open-toed shoes myself, but when I see royals pairing them with gowns, I cringe. (How’s that for a double standard?!) There is actually nothing wrong with the shoes, except for the fact that I would rather see something with a closed toe. Totally subjective, and neither here nor there.


Her makeup was flawless, and somewhat surprising, because Charlene doesn’t usually go for a glossy lip. But I LOVED it. And speaking of love…those earrings. Yet again, I am drooling over jewelry. I know some might dislike the inconsistency with matching a simple dress to super diamond-heavy chandelier earrings, but I personally love it. I think I love for that reason, in fact: the perfect balance of glitz.

And speaking of gorgeous, how can I let today pass without a few photos from this day 5 years ago?

The bride wore Armani. Twice, in fact.

And both times, she looked positively radiant. The groom looks radiant too, but I think it’s mostly her glow that is casting some of its light onto him. They were, and still are, a couple very much in love, and it’s a beautiful thing to remember and celebrate today.

Happy 5th Anniversary, you lovebirds!

(Now Charlene, we need to see a recycle of that wedding tiara from your reception. Maybe break it out sometime this fall? It would be so much appreciated, as I am in love with it. Thanks!)


  1. I love all of this plum dress (or bodeaux, as you said Katie, it´s depends on how everyone see it, at least at my computer screen….), love also its simplicity, the bateau neckline, so nice! I agree with you about the belt and shoes, the only 2 things I am not 100% in love, haha….
    But those mega chandelier earrings……Just PERFECT!

    She was a really lovely bride, both dresses were beautiful, stunning!
    It has been interesting to watch Charlene blossom into the Princess she is today. I’m very happy for her.

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