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July 27, 2016

The 68th Red Cross Gala

I have to apologize to you all, dear readers, since I have been such a (seemingly) bad blogger as of late! I was traveling to a new city with my very young child this past week, and as you can imagine, it was not all easy as pie. There were plenty of tantrums over various topics ranging from the sheer existence of McDonald’s restrooms (how dare they pile 10 different potties in one place!) to the audacity of grown-ups who engage in non-3-year-old conversation. Somehow, throughout all the mayhem, I couldn’t get myself to a computer. In a way it’s good: live technology free for a week and reconnect with the soul!; and on the other hand, it’s bad: no access to my favorite princess or my favorite readers. Anyway, I think I’m starting to ramble, so I’ll get to what you’ve been waiting for DAYS to see: Princess Charlene at the 68th Red Cross Gala. (Photos courtesy of Facebook.)


As per my expectation, Charlene looked like heaven in this sheer, floral Armani ball gown. Something about the lavenders and blues catches Charlene’s coloring, bringing her eyes to life and illuminating her skintone. It almost gives her a glow – I think perhaps the pink undertone in her skin is brought to life by this combination of colors.


In addition to the gorgeous colors, though, the floral motif of the bodice is completely divine. I saw someone had commented that she is one of the only people who could possibly pull this off, and I think I might agree. Mostly, I think, because the floral detail is so large, it would need to be someone with a lot of height and a beautiful, unobstructed neck. Check and check. A sweetheart neckline almost always brings attention to the face like this one does, though I do appreciate when designers try for more modern, edgy, interesting approaches to the tried-and-true neckline. My wedding dress had the “edgy” sweetheart, and I was in love with it. Behold:


That was just for fun, to share with you! Back to Charlene.


If I had to pick something to dislike about this dress, I guess it would be the waistline seam. You all know how much those bug me (you can even see how my wedding dress had it covered up!). But in this particular instance, it doesn’t really distract me that much, probably because there is so much more going on with the dress. The eye is pulled up, toward her face, not on small little waistline details. So I mention it, but I don’t dwell on it.


Hair, makeup, jewelry: all perfect. These are the same chandelier dazzlers that she wore a few weeks ago with the gorgeous plum gown, and I’m still in love. We get a better look at them here, for which I’m very grateful. I thought they were perfect with both gowns…I guess diamonds are funny like that.


The couple of the evening. Is anyone else thinking that Charlene might be growing out her pixie cut? I would venture to say that you can’t really call this a pixie anymore. The lift that she gets when she’s done up for a night on the town is absolutely enviable. Past experience says that we’ll probably have short hair on Charlene for a good long while, but how fun would it be to see her grow it out?

In slightly different news, Charlene was also named the godmother of the South African Red Cross Society:


She wore another Armani to that event (I believe), though a Maje dress to this poolside event, not nearly as wow-worthy. It was a basic, flowy, red, day-dress. This one didn’t strike my fancy as much – I think because of the length? Who knows. I know this length is very couture, and it looks great on the runway, but all I can say is that I don’t care for it in real life. The shoes, though, are my speed, and the color is dynamite on Charlene. I envy her ability to wear fire-engine red with such dignity and grace. (Not pictured are the bambini. She and Albert did bring their precious royal twins to this event, and they were the very definition of cuteness; however, I haven’t gotten a photo of that which I can legally use. If I do, I will definitely update right away!)

Thanks again for bearing with me, everyone! I’m home now, so my updates should be regular as per the usual. Hope you’re all enjoying your mid-summers as they last!

July 16, 2016

Extremes for Princess Charlene: Glamorous Ship Christening and Mourning for Nice

As a person who covers Princess Charlene’s whereabouts, I can tell you that this has been a rather turbulent week for her. It bounced from the glamorous to the mournful in the blink of an eye, quite unfortunately. In the middle of the week, Charlene was christening what has been called the world’s most luxurious cruise ship, the Seven Seas Explorer, in an opulent, glammed-out ceremony complete with a concert from Andrea Boccelli. Next, the Nice attacks occurred and Princess Charlene found herself in black, mourning at the cathedral for the victims and their families. Interestingly enough, the Seven Seas was planning on having excursions to Nice, which have now been cancelled due to the tragic events there.

I’ll start with the positive from the week: the christening of the cruise ship. (All photos courtesy of Facebook.)


Charlene was chosen to be godmother of this impressive ship. The most expensive suite on board, assuming a 10-night stay, would cost more than my family makes in one year.


Charlene certainly took the ship’s extravagance into account when she selected her attire for the evening, matching opulence with opulence. She chose a gorgeous, wide-shouldered, silvery-white gown, which appears to be in raw silk. She looked like the essence of moonlight, a veritable sea nymph rising from the waves. The gown absolutely glittered on the princess, and she paired it with pearl drop earrings, a stunning bracelet full of diamonds, and very voluminous hair. (How does she do this? The woman gets such awesome lift.) The dress is stunning, though in certain lights/angles it seems to cling a bit in the wrong places. But that happens to the best of us, right? She still rocked it.


It was an elegant, exciting event, celebrating the luxury of the ship and the glamour of the evening. A very special honor for the princess and for the ship, that they would each be associated with one another.


The champagne bottle shattered as planned, of course, and the Boccelli concert was extensive and well-received.

Unfortunately, the tables turned very quickly, when Nice underwent horrible attacks during Bastille Day celebrations. Being so close to Nice, the Monégasque people were undeniably shaken by the events, and turned to the Church for prayers and meditation.


Being a devout Catholic herself, Charlene was front-and-center to mourn along with the rest of Monaco (and the world) for the victims and their families.


To shift the conversation here to examine the sartorial aspects of this appearance, it looks as though Charlene is wearing a black version of the Dior dress she wore for the twins’ baptism. (That dress, though, had been altered for that specific occasion; my thought here is that this one is more in the original design.) It was simple, elegant, and understated. Perfect to honor the occasion and those in their prayers.


It’s really tragic to think that people are now at risk simply because they choose to celebrate and have wholesome fun, and that is exactly what happened in France this week. My sincerest prayers are being sent to those who were affected by this tragedy, along with all the other tragedies that seem to be occurring more and more frequently. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: may we all live long enough to see peace in this world. Love to you all.

July 2, 2016

Princess Charlene Stuns in Gorgeous Plum Gown + Happy 5th Anniversary to the Princely Couple!

Good evening to you all, and a special happy anniversary wish to Princess Charlene and Prince Albert! Today – well, yesterday and today – the Princely couple celebrates 5 years of marital bliss. And as a little treat, the couple was in Monte Carlo the other night for a gala in honor of the 10th anniversary of Prince Albert of Monaco Foundation. (Photos courtesy of Facebook and Getty.)


Charlene’s dress was absolutely, crazy gorgeous. I love when she wears a bateau neckline with large earrings, and luckily for me, she tends to do this on a frequent basis. The color of this gown is glorious with Charlene’s coloring. Something about jewel tones on her just knocks my socks off. I have always loved this color in particular on her: plum, aubergine, wine, whatever you want to call it. It’s delicious.


The simplicity of the gown itself really wins me over here – perhaps the princess got wind of my unenthusiastic reaction to her gold Ralph Lauren gown from a couple weeks ago? Who knows! All I can say is YES to the simple, quiet elegance of this chic gown. It draws attention to Charlene’s beauty instead of its own, sort of like the old adage of “she wears the dress, the dress doesn’t wear her.” You know.


If I had to nitpick, I’d probably swap out the belt for something a little more showy, and definitely change the shoes. I love open-toed shoes myself, but when I see royals pairing them with gowns, I cringe. (How’s that for a double standard?!) There is actually nothing wrong with the shoes, except for the fact that I would rather see something with a closed toe. Totally subjective, and neither here nor there.


Her makeup was flawless, and somewhat surprising, because Charlene doesn’t usually go for a glossy lip. But I LOVED it. And speaking of love…those earrings. Yet again, I am drooling over jewelry. I know some might dislike the inconsistency with matching a simple dress to super diamond-heavy chandelier earrings, but I personally love it. I think I love for that reason, in fact: the perfect balance of glitz.

And speaking of gorgeous, how can I let today pass without a few photos from this day 5 years ago?

The bride wore Armani. Twice, in fact.

And both times, she looked positively radiant. The groom looks radiant too, but I think it’s mostly her glow that is casting some of its light onto him. They were, and still are, a couple very much in love, and it’s a beautiful thing to remember and celebrate today.

Happy 5th Anniversary, you lovebirds!

(Now Charlene, we need to see a recycle of that wedding tiara from your reception. Maybe break it out sometime this fall? It would be so much appreciated, as I am in love with it. Thanks!)