June 16, 2016

Charlene Goes Glam in Gold at the Princely Palace

Alright friends, today I come to you with photos from the extremely glamorous cocktail reception that Charlene and Albert threw in honor of the 56th Monte Carlo TV Festival. The soiree was star-studded, of course, and Charlene was easily the most glamorous, beautiful person in attendance. Fit for being the hostess – and the resident princess! (Photos courtesy of Facebook.)

The entire fashion world seems to be swept off of its feet by this appearance, and rightly so: this gown is sparkly, whispy, and seems to illuminate the warm undertones of Charlene’s coloring. Studded, sparkly, spectacular.


However. For some reason, I am not exactly in love with this dress the way that everyone else is. Don’t get me wrong – as I said earlier, she is luminous – but this gown just doesn’t really do it for me.


I think it hits me the wrong way in several different areas, so I will explain myself as adequately as possible (and be nice if you disagree, which I’m sure you do!). First, the sparkles themselves seem just slightly too big for my preferences. Y’all know I love some sparkle, but this stretched over the boundary. I wouldn’t call it gaudy because it certainly isn’t cheap, but that crystal in the center. Wow, that’s big.


Second, the waistline struck me as a little odd. I love a dropped waistline, but I usually like to make sure I can’t see the seam that identifies that waistline. For instance, here, the seam sort of makes this look like it could be a shirt and skirt combo, but it’s obviously a dress. I think I would have loved the waistline on this if it had been covered with a crystal design (so many on there, why not more, right?).


Third, the skirt of this – while absolutely lovely in the whispy tulle, fairy-like quality – seems to be cut off a little to high. It’s very couture, so I can’t blame Charlene for going for it, but it still doesn’t jive with me in the right ways. I feel like if this were given just enough room to cover her feet, it would have been just my cup of tea.

But now, onto the good stuff: what I liked!!!


I loved Charlene’s earrings! No surprise there, I always like her earrings. Ha. But these were very different from what we usually see on her, and they sort of reminded me of Duchess Kate’s “Temple of Heaven” earrings, though much larger. Muuuuch larger. They accentuate Charlene’s gorgeous, long neck, and the beautiful bateau neckline of the gown. Gorgeous!


It was also beautiful to see how happy Charlene looked! I love moments like these, where you see a little more of her personality creep through all of the glitz and glamour.

And of course…


…the romance. These two, I mean! (Also! I love the backless nature of this dress and I think the detail work that goes around the edge here would have been PERFECT for the waistline detailing I mentioned above.)

On a side note, just a few days ago Charlene and Albert went to dinner at Novak Djokovic’s new vegetarian restaurant in Monaco:


They were accompanied by the Djokovics themselves, which looked like such a nice night out for the Princely couple! (And, of course, Charlene looked effortlessly chic.)

Let me know what you guys thought of the gown – I hope you all loved it! It was a total win, despite my nitpicking. I tend to do that, so take my critiques with a grain of salt!


  1. These earrings are by Graff. Princess Charlene wore an aquamarine version of them to the Red Cross Ball in 2013

  2. Katie Coble says:

    GREAT eye! I knew I had seen them before. They are heavennnn.

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