June 13, 2016

Princess Charlene Dazzles at the 56th Monte Carlo TV Festival

Oh, friends, do I have a treat for you this evening! Last night, Princess Charlene and Prince Albert stepped out to attend the 56th Monte Carlo TV Festival, and Charlene looked positively stunning! No surprise, I know, but since the Duchess of Cambridge has been upping the ante this week, I had been hoping for a show-stopper from Charlene as well…and she didn’t let me down. (Oh, and there were some TV stars there too. Ordinarily I would care, but not when the fashion is THIS GOOD.)

Charlene wore this gorgeous, floor-length, cap-shouldered white gown to the festival, and it fit her with utter perfection. Not too tight, not too loose: just right. I feel like the skirt has the slightest, slightest trumpet effect to it, but it’s certainly not so much that it would be a stand-out feature. The silhouette of this dress actually quite reminds me of the dress she wore to the Princess Grace awards back in September (aside the neckline). A stunning choice for Charlene’s slim figure.

Let’s talk about the neckline of this dress: it is gorgeous, and certainly more plunging than Charlene tends to favor. I, for one, thought this décolletage was elegant and very flattering, as opposed to being too much. Probably because it made some room for the most. spectacular. necklace. EVER.

This necklace took my breath away when I first saw the pictures. Holy moly, those are some diamonds! I’m guessing these are citrine diamonds at the bottom (and on her ears), though I have no sources to confirm that. My hunch is that this necklace can double as a tiara, just based on the structure of it, though I am fairly certain that those dangling citrines would have to be removed. I would LOVE to see this as a tiara, am I right?

This is the first time I’ve seen this necklace, and for a piece of this size, my guess is that it was a recent gift. Perhaps from Albert to celebrate the twins’ first birthday (or perhaps even their birth, and this is the first time she’s worn it)? That was my first instinct when I saw this piece. She has another tiara/necklace from Albert that she wore to the Red Cross Ball once as a necklace, so it’s not out of the realm of possibility. Either way, this piece is truly and shockingly gorgeous.

Earrings are gorgeous too, I won’t leave those out. My guess is that these were given as a set, but it is also entirely probable that she received the necklace as a gift and then had the earrings made to match. Who cares though! If this is what comes along with being royal, then being royal is gooooood.

Charlene’s hair and makeup were lovely, too, and she came back to her bright lip color with full force. After so many engagements donning neutral shades, I was afraid we’d never see the bold colors again. I needn’t have feared! I love how the pure white of her gown is offset by the bright red lip, and allows the real star of this outfit to be the jewelry.

Our princess looked poised, sophisticated, elegant, and sparkly in that way that only a princess can pull off properly. This was a major win in my book, and will probably go down as one of my favorites for many years. (And hey, there’s Danny Glover! Alright!)

One more final, serious note: thoughts and prayers are being sent to everyone who has been affected by the terrible shooting in Orlando. Senseless tragedy darkens even the brightest of days, and it is with a heavy heart that we are all praying for the victims and their loved ones. May we live to someday see peace.


  1. Princess Charlene is just stunning!
    Absolutely elegant and gorgeous, her make-up, hair, dress….perfection!
    Love those earrings and what a superb necklace….! I also hope that it can double as a tiara.

  2. You have not seen the newst gown by Ralp Lauren and – you missed out on the chic oufit for the Mare Nostrum event.<3

  3. Katie Coble says:

    Hi Imke! Oh yes, I saw it – I am planning a post for this afternoon if all goes well! (Life with a toddler = limited time, but hopefully I’ll get it up very soon.) Be patient, it’s coming! :)

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