June 9, 2016

Water Safety Day with the Princess Charlene of Monaco Foundation

A few days ago in Monaco, the Princess Charlene of Monaco Foundation hosted Water Safety Day, conducting water safety workshops for middle school students in the principality. Princess Charlene was, of course, on hand, overseeing and participating in the workshops while lending her own expertise, with the help of several other champions from the water-sports world. (Photos courtesy of Facebook.)


During the workshops, the students learned everything from basic familiarity with aquatic environments to water rescue techniques, and even life-saving skills like CPR. Of course, all of these were also taught in conjunction with drowning prevention, a cornerstone of the Princess Charlene Foundation itself.


Charlene looked so at home amongst all the kids, and they looked so thrilled to be working alongside her. It seems like her presence provided some good encouragement for the students to work hard and learn!


Even though she didn’t get in the water (I believe. I could be wrong here, but I haven’t seen or heard of any evidence that she did), the princess dressed for working today: a plain, white t-shirt and windbreaker combo, her Foundation’s cap to shield her from the sun, tennis shoes, and some pretty awesome leggings. I’ve got to admit to you guys that I practically LIVE in leggings at home – I promise, I do try to get more dressed up when I leave the house – and these are so cute. My first thought when I saw these was how much I needed them for my at-home yoga practice…


Makeup was appropriately minimal, earrings were gorgeous but perfectly simple for this sort of environment, and hair we didn’t see. Bummer. But I can’t blame a lady for keeping the sun out of her eyes. It seemed like a bright and sunny day, so much so that our princess seems a little squinty even under the shade of her cap.


Does anyone else see that water and get immediately jealous of anyone who lives in Monaco? I do. I don’t even like swimming that much, but that water…mmm. That could convert me! Ah well…happy summertime!

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