June 6, 2016

Concert and Fashion Week for Princess Charlene

Good afternoon, my friends! I come to you today with a couple of very nice, but very limited, pictures from some of Charlene’s outings this week. She was able to attend a Marina Kaye concert at Monte Carlo’s Opéra Garnier, and also was a guest of honor at Monte Carlo’s fashion week (which, though it is called a fashion “week,” really only consists of 3 days worth of fashion), where she awarded designer Philipp Plein. Unfortunately, these events were horrifically under-photographed, and I can only give you one photo from each event! (Photos that I do have, however, are here courtesy of Facebook.)


For the Marina Kaye concert, Charlene chose a floor-length, flowy dress in a surprisingly bold, colorful animal print. I say “surprisingly” due to the fact that Charlene usually leans toward less busy looks in her clothing, so this was quite delightfully out of the ordinary. The blue tones in the dress were absolutely stunning on Charlene, and it makes me think that I’d love to see her sport aquas more frequently. The things that it does to her eyes! To switch gears briefly, the jewelry for the concert was utterly dazzling, and reminded me very much of the jewels that the Duchess of Cambridge borrowed from the Queen in the way that they hang and sparkle. Fit for a princess, indeed.


The photo I have from the fashion week appearance is so much more difficult to decipher. I know this little black dress has quite a bit of detail on the front, though alas, we cannot see it in the picture. It’s a nice dress, but my attention is drawn to her heels. Oh my, I do love my shoes. Theses strappy stilettos stole my heart, and made this one measly picture worthwhile for me. From what I can see of the rest of the outfit, Charlene looked completely lovely.

I will update this post if I am able to get ahold of more photos – until then, please don’t be mad at me for only having these two, and I hope you enjoy them!


  1. Katie Coble says:

    Thank you, Nica! I need to get permissions to actually use these on the blog, but how about that dress? So gorgeous!

  2. It is gorgeous! And I agree with you – quite an unusual style for her.

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