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June 16, 2016

Charlene Goes Glam in Gold at the Princely Palace

Alright friends, today I come to you with photos from the extremely glamorous cocktail reception that Charlene and Albert threw in honor of the 56th Monte Carlo TV Festival. The soiree was star-studded, of course, and Charlene was easily the most glamorous, beautiful person in attendance. Fit for being the hostess – and the resident princess! (Photos courtesy of Facebook.)

The entire fashion world seems to be swept off of its feet by this appearance, and rightly so: this gown is sparkly, whispy, and seems to illuminate the warm undertones of Charlene’s coloring. Studded, sparkly, spectacular.


However. For some reason, I am not exactly in love with this dress the way that everyone else is. Don’t get me wrong – as I said earlier, she is luminous – but this gown just doesn’t really do it for me.


I think it hits me the wrong way in several different areas, so I will explain myself as adequately as possible (and be nice if you disagree, which I’m sure you do!). First, the sparkles themselves seem just slightly too big for my preferences. Y’all know I love some sparkle, but this stretched over the boundary. I wouldn’t call it gaudy because it certainly isn’t cheap, but that crystal in the center. Wow, that’s big.


Second, the waistline struck me as a little odd. I love a dropped waistline, but I usually like to make sure I can’t see the seam that identifies that waistline. For instance, here, the seam sort of makes this look like it could be a shirt and skirt combo, but it’s obviously a dress. I think I would have loved the waistline on this if it had been covered with a crystal design (so many on there, why not more, right?).


Third, the skirt of this – while absolutely lovely in the whispy tulle, fairy-like quality – seems to be cut off a little to high. It’s very couture, so I can’t blame Charlene for going for it, but it still doesn’t jive with me in the right ways. I feel like if this were given just enough room to cover her feet, it would have been just my cup of tea.

But now, onto the good stuff: what I liked!!!


I loved Charlene’s earrings! No surprise there, I always like her earrings. Ha. But these were very different from what we usually see on her, and they sort of reminded me of Duchess Kate’s “Temple of Heaven” earrings, though much larger. Muuuuch larger. They accentuate Charlene’s gorgeous, long neck, and the beautiful bateau neckline of the gown. Gorgeous!


It was also beautiful to see how happy Charlene looked! I love moments like these, where you see a little more of her personality creep through all of the glitz and glamour.

And of course…


…the romance. These two, I mean! (Also! I love the backless nature of this dress and I think the detail work that goes around the edge here would have been PERFECT for the waistline detailing I mentioned above.)

On a side note, just a few days ago Charlene and Albert went to dinner at Novak Djokovic’s new vegetarian restaurant in Monaco:


They were accompanied by the Djokovics themselves, which looked like such a nice night out for the Princely couple! (And, of course, Charlene looked effortlessly chic.)

Let me know what you guys thought of the gown – I hope you all loved it! It was a total win, despite my nitpicking. I tend to do that, so take my critiques with a grain of salt!

June 13, 2016

Princess Charlene Dazzles at the 56th Monte Carlo TV Festival

Oh, friends, do I have a treat for you this evening! Last night, Princess Charlene and Prince Albert stepped out to attend the 56th Monte Carlo TV Festival, and Charlene looked positively stunning! No surprise, I know, but since the Duchess of Cambridge has been upping the ante this week, I had been hoping for a show-stopper from Charlene as well…and she didn’t let me down. (Oh, and there were some TV stars there too. Ordinarily I would care, but not when the fashion is THIS GOOD.)

Charlene wore this gorgeous, floor-length, cap-shouldered white gown to the festival, and it fit her with utter perfection. Not too tight, not too loose: just right. I feel like the skirt has the slightest, slightest trumpet effect to it, but it’s certainly not so much that it would be a stand-out feature. The silhouette of this dress actually quite reminds me of the dress she wore to the Princess Grace awards back in September (aside the neckline). A stunning choice for Charlene’s slim figure.

Let’s talk about the neckline of this dress: it is gorgeous, and certainly more plunging than Charlene tends to favor. I, for one, thought this décolletage was elegant and very flattering, as opposed to being too much. Probably because it made some room for the most. spectacular. necklace. EVER.

This necklace took my breath away when I first saw the pictures. Holy moly, those are some diamonds! I’m guessing these are citrine diamonds at the bottom (and on her ears), though I have no sources to confirm that. My hunch is that this necklace can double as a tiara, just based on the structure of it, though I am fairly certain that those dangling citrines would have to be removed. I would LOVE to see this as a tiara, am I right?

This is the first time I’ve seen this necklace, and for a piece of this size, my guess is that it was a recent gift. Perhaps from Albert to celebrate the twins’ first birthday (or perhaps even their birth, and this is the first time she’s worn it)? That was my first instinct when I saw this piece. She has another tiara/necklace from Albert that she wore to the Red Cross Ball once as a necklace, so it’s not out of the realm of possibility. Either way, this piece is truly and shockingly gorgeous.

Earrings are gorgeous too, I won’t leave those out. My guess is that these were given as a set, but it is also entirely probable that she received the necklace as a gift and then had the earrings made to match. Who cares though! If this is what comes along with being royal, then being royal is gooooood.

Charlene’s hair and makeup were lovely, too, and she came back to her bright lip color with full force. After so many engagements donning neutral shades, I was afraid we’d never see the bold colors again. I needn’t have feared! I love how the pure white of her gown is offset by the bright red lip, and allows the real star of this outfit to be the jewelry.

Our princess looked poised, sophisticated, elegant, and sparkly in that way that only a princess can pull off properly. This was a major win in my book, and will probably go down as one of my favorites for many years. (And hey, there’s Danny Glover! Alright!)

One more final, serious note: thoughts and prayers are being sent to everyone who has been affected by the terrible shooting in Orlando. Senseless tragedy darkens even the brightest of days, and it is with a heavy heart that we are all praying for the victims and their loved ones. May we live to someday see peace.

June 9, 2016

Water Safety Day with the Princess Charlene of Monaco Foundation

A few days ago in Monaco, the Princess Charlene of Monaco Foundation hosted Water Safety Day, conducting water safety workshops for middle school students in the principality. Princess Charlene was, of course, on hand, overseeing and participating in the workshops while lending her own expertise, with the help of several other champions from the water-sports world. (Photos courtesy of Facebook.)


During the workshops, the students learned everything from basic familiarity with aquatic environments to water rescue techniques, and even life-saving skills like CPR. Of course, all of these were also taught in conjunction with drowning prevention, a cornerstone of the Princess Charlene Foundation itself.


Charlene looked so at home amongst all the kids, and they looked so thrilled to be working alongside her. It seems like her presence provided some good encouragement for the students to work hard and learn!


Even though she didn’t get in the water (I believe. I could be wrong here, but I haven’t seen or heard of any evidence that she did), the princess dressed for working today: a plain, white t-shirt and windbreaker combo, her Foundation’s cap to shield her from the sun, tennis shoes, and some pretty awesome leggings. I’ve got to admit to you guys that I practically LIVE in leggings at home – I promise, I do try to get more dressed up when I leave the house – and these are so cute. My first thought when I saw these was how much I needed them for my at-home yoga practice…


Makeup was appropriately minimal, earrings were gorgeous but perfectly simple for this sort of environment, and hair we didn’t see. Bummer. But I can’t blame a lady for keeping the sun out of her eyes. It seemed like a bright and sunny day, so much so that our princess seems a little squinty even under the shade of her cap.


Does anyone else see that water and get immediately jealous of anyone who lives in Monaco? I do. I don’t even like swimming that much, but that water…mmm. That could convert me! Ah well…happy summertime!

June 6, 2016

Concert and Fashion Week for Princess Charlene

Good afternoon, my friends! I come to you today with a couple of very nice, but very limited, pictures from some of Charlene’s outings this week. She was able to attend a Marina Kaye concert at Monte Carlo’s Opéra Garnier, and also was a guest of honor at Monte Carlo’s fashion week (which, though it is called a fashion “week,” really only consists of 3 days worth of fashion), where she awarded designer Philipp Plein. Unfortunately, these events were horrifically under-photographed, and I can only give you one photo from each event! (Photos that I do have, however, are here courtesy of Facebook.)


For the Marina Kaye concert, Charlene chose a floor-length, flowy dress in a surprisingly bold, colorful animal print. I say “surprisingly” due to the fact that Charlene usually leans toward less busy looks in her clothing, so this was quite delightfully out of the ordinary. The blue tones in the dress were absolutely stunning on Charlene, and it makes me think that I’d love to see her sport aquas more frequently. The things that it does to her eyes! To switch gears briefly, the jewelry for the concert was utterly dazzling, and reminded me very much of the jewels that the Duchess of Cambridge borrowed from the Queen in the way that they hang and sparkle. Fit for a princess, indeed.


The photo I have from the fashion week appearance is so much more difficult to decipher. I know this little black dress has quite a bit of detail on the front, though alas, we cannot see it in the picture. It’s a nice dress, but my attention is drawn to her heels. Oh my, I do love my shoes. Theses strappy stilettos stole my heart, and made this one measly picture worthwhile for me. From what I can see of the rest of the outfit, Charlene looked completely lovely.

I will update this post if I am able to get ahold of more photos – until then, please don’t be mad at me for only having these two, and I hope you enjoy them!

June 3, 2016

New Mothers and Infants Meet Princess Charlene

It’s Mother’s Day in Monaco this week, and Princess Charlene marked the occasion by visiting new mothers in the maternity ward of Monaco’s Princess Grace Hospital. This seems to be an annual tradition for Charlene, perhaps especially important to her since becoming a mother herself. The princess absolutely glows around babies and children, and it seems to be as much of a delight for her as it is for the new mothers in the hospital.

Not many photos surfaced from this engagement, but I was able to get my hands on a couple, and I will share those with you here. If I can grab any more, I will certainly update this post with them! (Photos courtesy of Facebook.)


Fashion-wise, as you can see, Charlene opted for a gorgeous, white-on-white blouse and shell combination, paired with denim skinnies and beige flats. I feel like many people gravitate toward white when they’re going to be around babies (which doesn’t really make much sense, when you think of the huge messes that babies make), perhaps because of their innocence and the purity that just radiates from their little hearts. It practically begs for the reflection in white. Who knows if it’s that or just the season, but Charlene has now chosen white twice for this visit, and I think she looked beautiful today. Casual chic to the core. And look at her beautiful smile! She always seems very, very happy to be around the babies. A natural mother.


Charlene paired the casual ensemble with stunning pearls, perfectly styled hair, and neutral makeup. She shined with love for these new moms, and it was very touching to see.


I particularly love this visit because Charlene takes her spotlight and shines it onto the face of the future: new mothers, new babies. It is supremely poignant of her to commemorate these women – and all mothers in her country – by bringing them into focus. The event of childbirth changes everything, not only for that family, but also for the country itself. We honor the new, innocent little citizens and mothers who will raise them! Happy Mother’s Day!