May 31, 2016

Princess Charlene at the Grand Prix de Monaco

As you may have heard, this past weekend was the Grand Prix in Monaco, and the Princely couple was, of course, front and center in attendance. I will skip over all of the sport aspect of the Grand Prix, mostly because it is of no interest to me whatsoever, though I do enjoy the festive air and hint of elegance that accompanies this particular race. That is, perhaps, due to the royals always being on-hand at the event, kicking it up to regal status. Speaking of which, let’s get right into things and look at what Charlene wore to the race. (Photos courtesy of Facebook and Getty.)


The princess wore an almost all-white ensemble, perhaps as an homage to the summertime, or a nod to her outfit from last year. This year, however, she surprised everyone by wearing somewhat unusual pants to the Grand Prix, which are accentuated by a very large, pink stripe down the sides.


I’ve got to be honest here, folks: I don’t love these. They remind me of my yoga pants, only these are undoubtedly designer slacks with a much higher price tag. The blouse and heels are absolutely lovely, and if you look at the outfit head-on – without having to see that garish stripe – it is actually quite chic. Behold:

Lovely if you don’t look at the pink, right?

But that stripe, oh dear. I just can’t get around it. I certainly hope I am a minority in my opinion, because I certainly never like to be the bearer of negativity. This entire look was surely meant to echo the sportiness of the race, but this just flopped for me. I feel as though these easily could have given the same sporty effect if they were plain, white, crisp slacks. No?

I need to say, though, that I do appreciate that Charlene has never shied away from wearing pants on an engagement. It’s actually something I love about her, and I wish we could see some of the other royals doing this more frequently. She is always willing to take the risks that others seem too hesitant to take, and I greatly admire the bold moves she makes in this area, even if the results aren’t fashion wins.


Makeup, hair, and jewelry were all on point, and spectacularly so. Charlene loves large pearl earrings, as many of us do, and wears them quite frequently. But can we talk for a minute about her ring?? I haven’t seen this one before, or at least for quite some time! I love it. It reminds me of one of my mother’s pearl rings, only a LOT bigger. I also quite enjoy when married women aren’t afraid to trade out their wedding/engagement rings for a ring that better matches their other jewelry. It’s not done often enough, and I know I could certainly learn this lesson from time to time!


So, would we call this a complete miss? I don’t think so. The striped pants? Yes. Those were a miss. But the rest of the ensemble was lovely and striking. She radiated positivity, energy, and celebration, which is exactly what you want to see from the princess at the Grand Prix. A lovely weekend in Monaco, and a superb way to salute the summer months ahead of us!


  1. Yes, the pink stripes were awful, but in my opinion the problem didn’t stop there. It appears to new that her blouse was white and the slacks were cream. If so, to mensure that is as bad as the stripe. Cream and white don’t mix, at least in clothing.

  2. I apologize for the multiple typos in my first comment.

  3. I think what bothers me about this outfit is the difference in color. The blouse is white and the pants seem to be more creamy. It may be how it photographs and it may be my monitor but the match seems off to me. Most of all I don’t like the waistband and the way the blouse tucks in. This outfit, regardless of the stripe, just lacks Charlene’s usual polish. I am new to this blog but I am enjoying it. Thank you!

  4. Katie Coble says:

    Very insightful, thank you for your input! I agree with you about the cream and white, though I’m unsure whether the problem has to do with the clothes themselves or photography and light. Either way it doesn’t work, right?

  5. Katie Coble says:

    Glad to have you here, Beth, and welcome to the blog! Thanks for sharing your thoughts on this – I, too, can’t tell if the color problem is just how it photographs or if the pieces are actually different colors. But yes, something seems off here, as though someone completely new decided to dress Charlene for this event. The waistband is definitely distracting!

  6. She is trying! “Athleisure” is a current fashion trend, as seen in pants with a side stripe “track pants” look. What kills it for me, is the cut of these garments do not flatter her frame. I feel they accentuate her broad shoulders with the epaulets, the sleeves are too long, and the waistline of the pants is at her slim hips, giving her figure a boyish wedge shape. I think I’d like it more if the blouse were a standard shirt style with the top buttons open to visually cut that shoulder line and the waistline of the pants on-waist creating a more feminine shape. And yes, if the “whites” matched!

  7. Hi Katie, I actually gasped with love when i saw the pants! I think they’re fresh and exciting.
    I do agree that the white/cream mismatch is distracting but it could be the lighting in these pictures and was fine in person. Also, agree about the ring, why not switch out an engagement ring for something fun and dramatic to match an outfit (ahem, Duchess of Cambridge)

  8. If you look closely – isn’t that a jumpsuit? To me it looks like one.
    Are you mentioning the brands in your single posts?

  9. Katie Coble says:

    Hi Imke! I do try to mention the brands if they have been released – many times with Charlene’s wardrobe, they aren’t. But whenever I am able to find the label of any piece, I certainly make sure to let you all know :) You make an interesting case for this possibly being a jumpsuit. I hadn’t thought of it before! Thanks for sharing your insight!

  10. Katie Coble says:

    Nadia, I am so glad you loved this! It always fills me with gladness when my negativity can be outweighed by positive thoughts. I can certainly agree that these pants were fresh: Charlene is one of the few royals who takes bold risks like this one, and without fear. Thank you for your positive vibes today!

  11. Katie Coble says:

    YES, Kathy. You are right! She definitely has a unique, statuesque figure that can be difficult to style. I admire how frequently she gets it right!

  12. The jumpsuit idea might make sense because what is bothering me most is the way the “pants” seem to be pulling the top down. As though they are really to low waisted to have that top tucked into them. That might be an illusion caused by the waist of a jumpsuit hitting her a bit low and stretching to fit her torso? It just fits weird… If they are pants, I wish she had paired a pink or patterned top to pull out that pink and tie everything together.

  13. Katie Coble says:

    I agree, Renee, in thinking that if there were more pink elsewhere in the outfit, it would have worked much better. I think the popular consensus is that this is a jumpsuit, but it’s really hard to tell because of the mismatched colors (and, as you say, the odd fit). But yes, anyway, a little pink on top would have made the whole thing flow a bit better!

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