May 30, 2016

Cocktail Reception for the Grand Prix at the Princely Palace

Today in the USA we celebrate Memorial Day, so many of us are off of work and hopefully enjoying some good weather. That being said, it was also an exciting weekend in Monaco with the Grand Prix taking center stage! I look forward to this event in Monaco so much, since it is almost a guarantee that we get at least two Charlene sightings in a row. And the Grand Prix this year did not disappoint!

On the eve of the Grand Prix, it is traditional for the Princely couple to host a cocktail reception at the Princely Palace, where all of the distinguished guests and participants can mingle and mix with the royals. Charlene was the perfect hostess: bursting with energy, ear-to-ear smiles, and completely open to hugs from her guests. (Photos courtesy of Facebook.)


Charlene looked amazing in a draped red dress that was so gorgeous it almost leaves me speechless. I say almost, because I am hardly ever speechless. But she looked absolutely radiant, chic, and elegant.


I am completely in love with the draped upper portion of the dress. It was rough to get a great photo of the entire dress, and the above pic is the best I could find. It’s pretty basic: long, flowy, and it has a slit in the middle. Nothing fancy, but that’s a good thing since the eye is drawn to the upper body of the gown. I love the no-frills simplicity of the fabric, which stood on its own with such elegance. The structure, or lack thereof, creates almost an illusion-bateau neckline, which brings out Charlene’s striking good looks.


Makeup was gorgeous and neutral – a change from Charlene’s semi-usual bold lip color choices. I loved it. And it almost goes without saying that hair was perfect and full of volume; even though I prefer it a little quieter, she is rocking the grow-out of the pixie cut. I’m at least assuming that she’s growing it out, since we’ve only seen it get longer in recent engagements. That can only be accomplished a handful of ways, and Charlene is handling it beautifully.


Let’s talk about jewelry. Ok, I’ll be more specific and jump right in: let’s talk about these gold earrings. I love, love, love these earrings. I’m not sure if these are new pieces or recycles – I could easily go back and look, but I have to get hold of a busy toddler in a few minutes so I’m strapped for time here – but I love them no matter what. I’ll update this if I can pinpoint a previous wear, but until then I’m going to assume these are new pieces. She paired these gorgeous earrings with her simple cross necklace, which seems to be a piece she always wears, and equally simple bracelets. I am a creature who loves balance, so I adore that she balances her choices so well. Large statement earrings, simple everything else. Yes, yes, yes.


I will be back again tomorrow to show you what Charlene wore to the Grand Prix the next day, so until then, let me know what you thought of this red ensemble and enjoy the photos!


  1. What is the brand of this dress?

  2. Mary Larner says:

    Just discovered your blog love it.
    Have always been a big fan. Follow her for inspiration. I love her hair a perfect solution for her fine hair.
    She is for me effortlessly chic and luckily for her a natural clotheshorse as well as beauty.
    We also know she has stamina and determination as an Olympic swimmer.
    So keep the blog rolling!

  3. Katie Coble says:

    Welcome to the blog, Mary! So glad to have you here :)

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