May 25, 2016

Princess Charlene Repeats Roland Mouret at Rugby Qualification

Good afternoon to you all! I come to you today from my family’s home in Annapolis, Maryland, where the Navy’s Blue Angels are currently flying overhead. They are putting on their air show in honor of the Naval Academy’s commencement ceremonies this upcoming weekend, so my words keep being interrupted by the whoosh of jets reverberating in my ears. It’s cool, but it makes the house shake. To distract myself, I wandered around the web to see what Charlene has been up to in the past few days, and it turns out that she and Albert took part in the rugby sevens qualifications tournament drawings, part of which were held in Monaco. The event selects the qualifiers for the Rio 2016 Olympic Games, as well as the men’s tournament this upcoming June, which will be held in Monaco. I found very few photos, but I will share the ones that I found!   (Photos courtesy of Facebook.)


Charlene surprised me with a very rapid repeat on her dress: the same Roland Mouret we saw when she met with the mayor of Beverly Hills. Its cut is heaven, and the bright white is very appropriate for the warm spring/summer weather. This time we got to see her shoes, and these nude, strappy high heels made me drool.


She looked smashing once again, though I have to admit that I was quite surprised to see her give this dress another wear so soon. Perhaps she overheard my enthusiasm when she wore it the first time? Who knows! But I loved it once again.


She changed up the look with different jewelry, and gave her hair a little flip. I have no issues with this hairstyle, aside from the fact that I just prefer it a bit less high. I think my personal preference is a side part for the way the pixie frames Charlene’s face, rather than this flipped back look. Maybe she’s growing it out? Let me know what you guys think. All in all, this was a very quick appearance and it was a lovely repeat on a gorgeous dress. A win in my book!


  1. A win in my book also!
    Beautiful article. Thanks Katie!

  2. Thanks Katie for the wonderful pictures of HSH Princess Charlene of Monaco. She looks absolutely divine. Princess Charlene has proven to be a great Princess of Monaco and i believe she cannot be compared to other Princesses. She has also proven herself to be an honorable citizen of Monaco through her commitment to her humanitarian work and family. I really appreciate reading your articles about her.

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