May 12, 2016

The Princess Charlene Foundation Launches USA Branch

Hello sweet readers! It has been a LONG time since I’ve seen you last. Well, I suppose not really – just a few weeks – but that’s long for us here, right? You’ll be stupefied to know that I am down with my second upper respiratory infection since March. At least I am stupefied by it. Taking care of a toddler while dripping fluids is no joke, my friends, so if you have any spare well-wishes you’d like to energetically send my way, I’m ready for them. While I sit here waiting for the sweet release of death nursing my cold, I am super excited to tell you all the good news about our favorite Charlene: the Princess Charlene Foundation launched its USA branch in California just yesterday, and Charlene herself was stateside for the inaugural festivities!

As you are all probably aware – and if you’re not, you will be in a second – the Princess Charlene Foundation is rooted in the goal of teaching children proper swimming survival techniques in order to prevent drowning. The Foundation reaches out worldwide to children regardless of their wealth, economic standing, race, nationality, etc. The idea is to spread these techniques far and wide, one person at a time, so that the threat of drowning decreases every day with more and more children being properly trained to handle aquatic environments. It is a superb mission, and Charlene has gone to great lengths to spread these teachings, doing everything from speaking at the Vatican on the importance of water safety/drowning prevention, to teaching workshops herself when she can, to making sure that her own toddlers could swim before they had even taken their first steps.

Charlene was, of course, the guest of honor at the launch in Santa Monica, where she hopped into a wetsuit and immersed herself in the water to start the safety workshops right away.

The kids seemed so taken with the Princess! I assume that Charlene has built up a large store of patience from these sorts of events, set aside specifically for moments such as this one, where this youngster seems particularly anxious about being in the water. Yet another reason to be passionate about water safety.

She taught the children several techniques, later noting that the most effective strategies are also the simplest.

For her speech at the program’s launch, Charlene wore a bright-orange, cap-shouldered dress and sandaled heels. This dress is heaven! Bold and daring but also simple, I love it. While I probably wouldn’t have selected it for Charlene, since it does seem to draw attention to her broader shoulders – a result of her spectacular swimmer’s physique – I still loved the dress. And she is clearly the only woman at the event who dressed to honor the occasion. Not that everyone else looked bad…not at all. It’s just obvious which one is the royal. That’s all I’m sayin’!

The heels, though, I could have lived without. You all know I am a sucker for great footwear, and these did nothing for me. I think it’s because I’m used to seeing Charlene in high, edgy, Dior heels, and these seemed a bit wonky, maybe even flimsy, compared to the rest of the ensemble. But luckily, the shoes didn’t get too much coverage in the photos.

Makeup was great, which, I’ve got to say, is hard to do when you’re completely surrounded by orange. Hair was flawless, and as for jewelry…I love, love, LOVE her earrings. And it’s sort of a given: I always love her earrings. She wins every time. I need a better look inside Charlene’s jewelry box, folks. Seriously though, one thing I love about Charlene is her ability to balance her jewelry. She always seems to pair more dramatic/heavy pieces with lighter ones, like in this instance with the bolder earrings and the delicate necklace and a simple bracelet. It is something that, in my opinion, shows a good deal of refinement and elegance.

I will see you all again tomorrow, as there was another event today in Los Angeles and I am eager to dive into that one as soon as possible. For now, though, I’m off to the lands of cough medicine and decongestants…send healthy vibes my way, please!


  1. georgia says:

    She looked lovely at all of the events in the USA. She should wear Roland Mourret more often.

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