April 18, 2016

Princess Charlene at the Monte Carlo Rolex Masters

It has been an unexpectedly long time since I’ve seen you all – probably because all of us (maybe including Charlene?) have been ogling the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge’s royal tour of India and Bhutan. Am I right, or was that one incredible tour? I drooled over almost every piece of fashion, and it gave me a little time to sit back, watch, admire, and recharge my batteries.

Though Charlene has been quiet for a couple weeks, she’s back in full force! Just yesterday, she stepped out in the rain and wore a lovely blue and white ensemble to the 110th Annual Monte Carlo Rolex Masters. She participated in the awards and looked particularly sporty and regal combined – a tough combo, but one at which Charlene and Kate both seem to be pros. (Photos courtesy of Facebook and Getty.)

This outfit really strikes me as a delightful balance of bold and subdued at the same time. The gorgeous blouse and cardigan have an elegant, casual tone to them, but the unusual trousers are très chic and offset the casual with high fashion.

These pockets are so reminiscent to me of Kate’s cornflower blue McQueen – I’m not a huge fan of giant pockets, but there is no doubt that they are a fashion statement and are carried off quite well on these pants.

Her heels are worth mentioning, too! They are completely Dior, I’m certain of it. (Sidenote: my child has been Winnie-the-Pooh obsessed lately, and goes around the house saying “Oh d-d-d-dear” like Piglet. As soon as I saw these, I said “Oh d-d-d-DIOR!” Ha.)

The best part was the Dior heels matched these awesome new sunnies. I haven’t seen these before, so I’m assuming they are new for the Princess, but they might have been tucked away in her closet for ages, who knows. I loved the pop of brightness they (and the heels) lended to the otherwise muted outfit.

Makeup: gorge. Hair: perfect. Earrings: WOW, let’s talk about these! I love, love, love these jewels. They are no joke, and since I’ve been making so many Kate references today, I’ll go ahead and do it again: these are quite reminiscent of the many Kiki McDonough drops that Kate loves to wear. I am loving Charlene’s here for the same reason I love all the Kiki’s: they’re stunning, and can be dressed up or down equally well. They remind me quite vividly of the longer, similar style that she wore last year with her long, white gown at the palace. Gorgeous.

One last, important, adorable shot:

These two. I mean!

See you all again soon – the day after tomorrow is the 60th anniversary of Princess Grace and Prince Rainier’s wedding, so there’ll be something up here to commemorate the day!


  1. Charlene is SO stylish and fashionable! I think she’s my favourite royal to watch in terms of wardrobe.

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