March 26, 2016

Good Friday Procession at the Princely Palace

An early Happy Easter to you all, and I hope you are having a wonderful Holy Week so far! As a Catholic nation, Monaco always delights us with religious celebrations throughout the year, and the Princely couple is usually quite involved in each celebration. As many of you are quite aware, yesterday was Good Friday – a particularly sacred time for Catholics – and the Monégasque people put on their annual Good Friday procession at the Princely Palace. (Photos courtesy of Facebook.)


As they do every year, Prince Albert and Princess Charlene enjoyed the procession from the balcony, looking so lovely in their understated elegance, as always. Princess Charlene wore some pretty awesome slacks for the occasion; however, I have mixed feelings: I am both infatuated and bothered by these pants at the same time. The high waist, wide leg, and the quality of the material (from what I can tell in the photos) send my heart aflutter. But the length…


…oh, the length. I am so particular about the length of pants, skirts, dresses, etc., to the point where it’s more than a cute quirk of mine. Remember Duchess Kate’s glorious pink-on-pink McQueen that she wore in Australia? It was amazing, and I still couldn’t get over the back of her skirt being an inch lower than the front of her skirt. That jaw-dropping emsemble, which was perfection in every way, bothered me all day. And last night’s Good Friday procession was no different for me: these pants are gorgeous, but their length bothers me. They need to be a touch longer. Just my opinion, but there you have it.


Her heels were killer though. Loved ‘em. Coat and blouse were also winners, and I think if the pants had been longer, the entire look would have been flawless. Those earrings, by the way, have been identified by our dear reader Solène (merci Solène!) as being undeniably Dior. This explains why they were 1) gorgeous, 2) unique, and 3) on Princess Charlene, who is Dior’s biggest fan. It all makes sense now, and all is right with the world.


It also appears that HSH has gotten a trim on her pixie cut, too, which I personally find lovely; however, this has once again sparked some harsh criticism. People either love this cut or hate it, and the people who hate it are quite vocal about their feelings. Ok, I get it, they like longer hair. My two cents: the people who hate this hairdo need to take care of twins for a week and then tell me again how they feel. Charlene is already chic beyond our highest aspirations for chic, so she can do whatever she wants and look terrific. Especially since she has twins, she can really do whatever she wants and be winning in my book.


Here’s hoping we see more of the Princely couple over Easter, and until then, blessings to you all for a wonderful and joyous holiday!


  1. Cropped trousers like that are very fashionable right now. I think that as long as they don’t rise any higher than the tops of the ankles, they look quite chic. I appreciate this look very much.

  2. Katie Coble says:

    A very good point, Lili – thank you for this insight! Charlene is certainly the height of chic at all times, so it’s not surprising to see her embracing the trends. Thank you for sharing your thoughts!

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