March 19, 2016

A Snowy Holiday for the Princely Family

Good afternoon, all! Today I have a delightful surprise for you: just weeks after the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge released the photos from their skiing holiday in the French Alps, Paris Match has published very similar photos of the Princess of Monaco with the twin babies. It seems that the Princely family of Monaco was celebrating Prince Albert’s birthday on the slopes of Switzerland, and these photos were released just days ago. (Photos courtesy of Twitter and Facebook.)


The cover of the magazine portrayed Charlene, looking tremendously glamorous for a mother of 1 year old twins. Then again, she is a princess, and she knows how to carry herself as one, even in the snow! I think her coat here is magnifique, and the hat seems to be the same as the one she wore to serenade her father for his birthday. The most notable accessory, though, is her smile. She is radiant. I’m not sure if it’s the ambiance (look at that view, and take me there please) or the almost guaranteed giggles coming from the mini-sleigh behind her, but that smile speaks volumes.


But let’s not waste time here: the children were looking adorable!!! I love their matching blue-and-pink snowsuits, though I was amused to see no red noses or gloved hands…my guess is that the Swiss sun did a good job that day to warm things up for this photoshoot. But back to the kiddos. I was super excited to see little Gabriella feeling so much joy. We haven’t seen her in awhile – or maybe it’s just that I really missed seeing her at the rugby tournament? I don’t know, but she melted my heart today. Come to think of it, maybe that’s why nobody looked ice-cold in the snow. Wink, wink.


See what I mean? A little princess, literally. The siblings appear to be quite fond of each other, too, which is lovely to have captured in a photo.


This particular photo, though, stuck out to me as a showcase for Jacques. While Gabriella really held the focus of the previous two, I think the facial expression on Jacques here is quite regal. (Sidenote: how is it possible to look regal at 1 year old?) Sometimes kids give us glimpses of what they will look like as adults, just for a precious moment here or there, and I think this is one of those moments for Jacques. Commanding and serious, wouldn’t you say?


But it’s nice to be reminded that they’re still babies! Truthfully, this photo spread was a complete treat for royal watchers, especially when put side-by-side with the Cambridge family’s recent skiing adventure. It seems that all the best royals are enjoying the snow while the season is still here. For now, this was a wonderful way to bid adieu to winter and welcome in the spring. Just a few more days, guys…say it with me now…


  1. The Grimaldi children are adorable and seem so natural, i.e. not posed for a photo. Jack and Ella are beautiful like their parents and grandparents. Gabriella appears to look so much like her father and Jacque’s resemblance is a lot like his mother, Princess Charlene. They both look so gleeful and happy. The twins have bonded with each other and genuinely look as though they love each other so much!

  2. Beautiful photos! I love Jacques’ skinny little legs in his jeans and boot combo. They look like a happy bunch.

  3. Katie Coble says:

    Completely agreed – those kids are the image of their parents. I, too, enjoyed the fact that these photos are really natural. The one of them at the table, eating their food: so normal! I think we all have similar pictures of our own kids, ha!

  4. Katie Coble says:

    Ha, yes! He is quite the trendsetter! Just like maman 😉

  5. Love those holiday pictures! I hope we get photos of them on their little skis in the next couple of years. I also had a look at some photos of the hotel they stayed at, the Alpina Gstaad, the whole place is stunning. Lucky family.

  6. Katie Coble says:

    I hope so too! Little skis are the cutest. Their whole holiday looked so idyllic, I’m not surprised the accommodations were equally stunning. Thanks for sharing your thoughts!

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