March 14, 2016

Happy Birthday to Prince Albert!

Even though we are focused on Princess Charlene here at this blog, we would be remiss to neglect the birthday of her wonderful husband, Prince Albert II. Today the sovereign marks his 58th birthday, and we can only assume that he is spending the day with his wife and twin toddlers. Undoubtedly, this birthday will be much more fun than the last, when the babies were only about 3 months old and probably were more keen on spitting up rather than giggling. Given the fact that Prince Jacques was recently seen toddling with Charlene at a rugby game, we can safely assume today has been filled with chasing both babies around the house and hopefully having a ball.

Truly, it has been a wonderful year for the Prince, at least from the perspective of all that has happened in the last year. He’s had an audience with the Pope, celebrated 10 years on the throne, seen his children baptized, participated in some environmental initiatives in Monaco and abroad, attended a few family weddings, and has had numerous occasions to show off his beautiful children.

In case you can’t tell: that is Prince Albert with Prince Charles at the COP21 conference for climate change in Paris last year.

And I put this one in just because it’s Prince Albert and Leonardo DiCaprio together in one photo. Which means it’s awesome in every way…I don’t know who I’m more jealous of in this picture!

Monaco is certainly lucky to have this particular prince on the throne, as he seems to be tenderhearted, intelligent, compassionate and conscientious all at once. I certainly hope he has another year filled with joy.

Wishing Prince Albert a very happy birthday, with many happy returns of the day!

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