February 20, 2016

The Princely Couple Supports the Red Cross

Hello hello, my friends! Today I come to you with a half awesome and half boring post. The only reason it’s slightly boring is because I only have one photo. I am a photo fanatic, so for me this is a disappointment in itself. However! Everything else is awesome: the event, the cause, the outfit, all fantastic. I’ll jump into it now, so you can finally know what the topic is. Took me long enough to get there! (Photo courtesy of Facebook.)

A couple days ago, Prince Albert and Princess Charlene visited the Red Cross Vintimille camp for those seeking asylum, and to applaud the efforts of the Italian, French, and Monégasque Red Cross for their joint efforts. It was truly a very important event, and I’m completely surprised that we only have the one photo. Prince Albert is the president of the Monégasque Red Cross, so I figured the event would have been given more publicity…alas, I was mistaken.


But! Charlene certainly dressed for the occasion, to my sheer delight. She wore a gorgeous grey, A-line coat with a slightly darker grey turtleneck, bright-blue skirt, and matching bright-blue heels. I am, of course, obsessing over her shoes. I love them. And the grey-with-blue combination always sends my heart aflutter, so I was bowled over by this appearance. Elegance itself!

If more photos surface somewhere, I will certainly keep you all posted. But until then, enjoy this photo and drool over the shoes along with me!

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