February 14, 2016

A Valentine’s Look at Monaco’s Royal Lovebirds

Happy Valentine’s Day to you all! I hope you are nestled with a loved one somewhere, safely snuggled under blankets on this freezing cold Sunday. I don’t know about where you live, but here in upstate NY it is a balmy 7 degrees, practically roasting compared to yesterday’s -6. Definitely not warm enough to justify going out to a restaurant or anything of the sort, so we’ve been huddled in the shelter of our home instead – though even that isn’t so warm, what with it being a very old house. So the blankets are piled on and I have been spending the day enjoying the warmth emanating from my laptop, sifting through some of Charlene and Albert’s most adorable photos, ones in which they look mesmerized with one another and utterly in love. These photos are enjoyable whether you’re coupled or single, because this couple is so cute it’s like looking at a basket of puppies.

This was the first time they appeared as an official couple, way back in 2006. They were freshly in a new relationship, enjoying the budding romance and fully in the love zone. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: I want to draw little cartoon hearts all over their eyes in this photo. They are so cute.

And then there are the moments during official engagements, when Charlene and Albert seem to forget about cameras and fully fixate on each other. I particularly like these photos from some years ago, when the couple were participating in an in-water engagement, an event particularly suited to Charlene and a great display of their affection for one another.
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Once again at a water-related engagement, this photo was taken last year during some water safety workshops for the Princess Charlene Foundation. The two are consistently transparent about their love, particularly for a royal couple, and seem to show quite a bit more PDA than their royal counterparts.

Again from last year, this was a shining moment for the couple as they celebrated Prince Albert’s 10 years on the throne. They hosted a celebratory concert in honor of the event, and the couple seemed so jubilant that they just couldn’t keep their hands off each other. In a totally PG way, of course, but no less setting up relationship goals for the rest of us!

While I stand by my opinion that the top loving looks between the couple seem to stem from informal engagements, I do have to admit that sometimes a cute moment or two is captured at the formal events. These next two were from this past year:

At the Red Cross Ball, where Charlene wore the infamous jumpsuit, she was no doubt a vision of loveliness in her husband’s eyes. I would have loved to hear what he said in this moment! She seems melty and enamoured.

Then it happened again at the Princess Grace Awards, only this time the impenetrable look of love is floating from Charlene to Albert. Once again, I’d love to hear what he said just before this look – it must have been good. She looks like she’s walking on air.

And who could resist looking back on their wedding day? The couple received a lot of unnecessary flak for their facial expressions that day, but I think there were plenty of times where they seemed undeniably in love and entranced with one another.

Happy Valentine’s Day to you all! May we all have lovey-dovey romances, candy hearts, and more pounds of chocolate than we could possibly ingest. Enjoy!

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