February 11, 2016

Princess Charlene Dons Cowgirl Costume for Father’s Birthday

This past Monday, royal watchers were all rather surprised and amused when we saw reports that Princess Charlene serenaded her father for his 70th birthday in Benoni, South Africa. She appeared to be there on her own, sans Prince Albert or their babies, and was hardly recognizable in her costume! (Photo courtesy of the Benoni City Times Facebook & Twitter pages.)


Family and friends of Charlene’s dad, Mike Wittstock, gathered in Benoni, where Charlene sang a country song to her father and gave him some thoughtful gifts, including a personalized deck of cards – complete with photos of his grandchildren – and a portrait of the Princely family. It was a quick trip for Charlene, who needed to go back to Monaco straightaway to be with her children, but it is so nice that she was able to be a part of the celebration. It must have been a very special surprise for Mike to have his daughter not only show up, but perform for him! (Am I the only one who didn’t know she could sing?)

But more to the topic we usually follow on our blog: what did you think of her outfit?! I was floored by the wig. Not that it was bad or anything – she would obviously be able to pull of this color/style if she chose to, because it looks really nice – but that she decided to wear one at all. I don’t quite understand the reason behind it, but then I haven’t put much thought into it. It just struck me as odd. Love that hat though!

Short post today, I know, but don’t fret: I’ve got some fun things planned for the upcoming week, so stay tuned!

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