January 19, 2016

Princess Charlene Visits the Pope

Good morning to you all! Yesterday marked Princess Charlene’s fourth state visit to the Vatican, and we were all delighted to see that she invoked her privilège du blanc for the occasion (in case you’re interested, I wrote a post on privilège du blanc early last year). As the wife of a Catholic nation’s sovereign, she is one of only seven women in the entire world granted the privilege of wearing white in the Pope’s company. It’s a good thing, too, because she looks like an angel in white. Apropos for being at the Vatican, I think.

Charlene’s coat and dress were actually more of a cream shade, which looked amazing with her skintone. She finished the look with classic, nude pumps and a white lace mantilla. Read: angel.

The entire outfit was at once chic and understated – exactly what we would expect from Charlene at an audience with the Pope. The only part of the look that was vibrant and unexpected were her lips: bright red. I am usually quite fond of Charlene’s daring experiments with lip color; however, for an occasion like this, I probably would have preferred to see something a little more subtle. Not that it doesn’t go well with the outfit on its own – honestly, the combination is striking and gorgeous – but the tone of the visit just made it hit a slightly wrong note for me. But c’est moi, seulement! I do hope others enjoyed it!

She also donned the cream, leather gloves we have seen before, and a new (at least to me!) clutch.

Charlene was the epitome of piety and reverence yesterday, which seemed appropriate given how much she has tied into her faith. Charlene did choose to convert to Catholicism when she married Albert, completely of her own accord, and it is said that she found the faith deeply resonated with her own values. She has been an active participant in Masses, in all of the Catholic ceremonies that have taken place in Monaco, and was particularly enthusiastic over her twins’ baptism into Catholicism last May. She and Albert have even given public praise to Pope Francis for his fervent stand for the environment, on which they share very close common ground. It warms my heart to see her building her rapport with the Vatican ever-stronger, in particular with our beloved Pope Francis, as it is clearly a focal point of her spiritual wellbeing.

A good reminder for us all in this new year, to take our spiritual centers and nurture them in whatever ways feel right. Blessings to you all!


  1. Thank you Katie for these lovely pictures of Princess Charlene.
    I think she was so chic, sublime in white/cream as she was in 2013, probably both times in Dior. And yes I personally would prefer just another lip color.
    I totally agree concerning how seriously Charlene has taken her new faith, really impressed how deeply her felling toward the catholic faith are. I would be also very impressed, as I believe Charlene was, if I have the chance to meet the Pope.

  2. Katie Coble says:

    Hi Bluma! I know, watching Charlene’s love for her faith inspires me to grasp my own Catholicism more firmly. She does set a wonderful example for embracing spirituality, and I admire her greatly for that. I also agree that she seems to be quite aware of how lucky she is to have an audience with the Pope, and that is always touching to see. Great to see you again, Bluma, and I hope you’re having a happy new year!

  3. Thank you! Same to you :)

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