December 25, 2015

A Merry Christmas Greeting from the Princely Family

Hello dear readers, and the merriest of Christmases to all of you! You’ll be delighted to see that the Princely Palace has released a Christmas card from the royal family, and it is all sorts of adorable. Let’s be real: any card with a photo of 1-year old twin babies is a winner. Just for that. Charlene’s outfit in particular looks quite familiar, and it is my contention that this photo was taken on the same day as the twins’ birthday party. And why not?! The babies were already dressed to the nines: perfect time to get all the photos done.


The family looks beautiful, happy, and super comfortable in their living room. Am I the only one who is in love with the fact that the family’s floor is covered in what looks like a fuzzy blanket? That’s a gorgeous rug under there – you can sort of see the edges of it – but like any parents of 1-year olds in wintertime, they spread out blankets all over the place for the kiddies to play on. And, apparently, they take their Christmas photos complete with the blanket in the photo, just like the rest of us! I love it!

So now that you’re in a sleepy haze from the Christmas morning festivities that may have occurred at your house, soak in these greetings and enjoy loads of chocolate. The diets can start on January 1st. Happy holidays to you all!


  1. This is lovely! Charlene looks so glamorous. I love how they are relaxed, but also entirely regal. I am charmed by how Charlene and Albert allow the public into their lives. I think they deal with their modern royalty really well. Great post!! Merry Christmas to you, Katie!

  2. Katie Coble says:

    Merry Christmas, Jane!

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