December 19, 2015

Children’s Christmas Party at the Princely Palace

I hope everyone out there is decking the halls and fa-la-la-ing, because it is definitely beginning to look a lot like Christmas around these parts. I woke up today to freshly-fallen snow, not nearly enough to build a snowman or pull out the sleds, but certainly the first-season dusting (complete with my child’s big, wide eyes staring out the window and indoor warmth fogging up the panes). Kids will be out of school in just a few days, adding the required merriment of seeing the holiday through the eyes of youngsters. I wonder, quite often, if we would even keep up with these holiday traditions if it weren’t for children: it seems as though the whole point to the entire exercise is simply to see their reactions, their jubilation, and their whole personhood wrapped up in magical joy.

It has been no exception in Monaco: just this past week, Princess Charlene and Prince Albert hosted the annual Children’s Christmas Party at the Princely Palace, where they invited oodles of children and handed out Christmas gifts. The kids donned Santa hats for fun, and got plenty of photos with the Princely couple. (Photos courtesy of Getty and Facebook.)

Princess Charlene looked casually elegant in a black turtleneck and contrasting white, drapey cape/jacket (more on that in a moment!). She also wore tall black boots and black leggings, which I loved. I wish, wish, wish that more royals throughout the world would be bold enough to wear pants to official engagements!

But back to the cape for a second. This reminds me so much of that other cape she wore last April, but shorter (and obviously, a different color). I’m not sure you’d actually be able to call this a cape, because of the structure of it, but I simply cannot find another word for it. Any ideas? No matter what you call it, I like it very much, and it is definitely edgy and unique. Classic Charlene!

Makeup and hair: perfect, as usual. The more and more I see this pixie haircut on her, the more I love it. Not too many women can carry off this cut with such aplomb, but Charlene is one of the few. As for her jewelry, it’s obvious that she’s wearing pearls, but I don’t think these are the pearl earrings from the other day that perplexed me so much. These seem to be simple, large studs – perfect for casual elegance.

The kids, obviously, loved her. If I were the kid right in front of her, I’d be whipping out my phone to take a selfie with Charlene photo-bombing me. Though I’ve got to say, it’s kind of nice to see how these kids are able to put away the devices (for the most part) and look at the actual princess herself, while she’s standing there, and take it all in. We could learn a thing or two from children.

I hope to see you all again before the holiday hits us this week, but if not, do enjoy your Christmases! Pour some hot cocoa, drop in a large marshmallow (or two, if you’re very courageous), watch the snow fall, and let the winter solstice pass you by with warmth and sparkle. Sending love and light from my computer to yours!

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