November 30, 2015

The Princely Family Marches for the Environment

Yesterday, much of Monaco joined Princess Charlene and Prince Albert (and the babies!) for the Prince Albert II Foundation’s Marche Pour Le Climat. The groups congregated at the Princely Palace and marched for 3 km to the Stade Louis II. Since environmental consciousness is a huge passion of Prince Albert’s, his march yesterday promoted awareness for environmental sustainability and renewable energies. (Photos courtesy of Facebook.)

The couple immersed themselves in the crowds, which were plentiful and passionate.

To the delight of all those marching, the Princely couple decided to march with the twins! It’s wonderful that they chose to include the children in their support of environmental issues. Starting them early!

Albert and Charlene were definitely dressed casually, but adorably matchy-matchy in their khakis and Prince Albert II Foundation jackets. I don’t know if it’s just me, but I think Charlene looks great in a baseball cap! Something I always envy, as I cannot pull off the classic look to save my life.

Can we discuss the twins’ swoon-worthy outfits for a minute?! I mean, those little Uggs on Gabriella – I know they’ve been done a million times over, but anytime I see them on a child I think it’s the cutest thing ever. And I love how their jackets mimic their parents’ colors, too. Gotta appreciate a matching family!

But back to Charlene. She also manages to look good in sneakers. Sigh.

Her makeup, of which we got some small glimpses when a camera was able to see beneath the brim of her hat, was surprisingly bold for such a casual occasion. I love how she matched the bright red of her jacket with her lipstick shade, while maintaining a very low-maintenance look otherwise. It was quite balanced and looked fantastic.

Of course, all the children fell in love with their princess, and she gave them ample hugs whenever possible. Much like she glows around water, Charlene seems to similarly light up when children are nearby – perhaps it’s her newfound motherhood that suits her so well, but it’s absolutely lovely to see her around kids. Everyone seems to have had a beautiful day supporting a wonderful cause.

Until the next time, have a happy Monday!

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