November 26, 2015

Princess Charlene Addresses 30th Annual Vatican Healthcare Conference

My sincerest apologies for this incredibly late post, dear readers! I have been spending the last few days with my family, as my father underwent a heart transplant (any positive vibes you could send would be most welcome!) earlier this month and is now permitted visitors. Of course, upon my return, I found that Charlene had an engagement and that my write-up would end up being quite tardy. Long story short: sorry it’s late, but here it is! (Photos courtesy of Facebook.)

Charlene was in attendance at the 30th Annual Vatican Conference for Healthcare Workers, where she promoted the Princess Charlene Foundation and spoke out about the importance of water safety.

The entire purpose of the Princess Charlene Foundation is to prevent drowning through water safety education and training. In her address, HSH described death by drowning as “one of those serious threats to public health worldwide,” and as a “terrible, silent killer.” The World Health Organization backed this up, estimating over 300,000 deaths by drowning per year. As the princess of a Catholic nation, her voice was definitely heard loud and clear at the Vatican Conference, and hopefully her concerns will be appreciated worldwide.

However, in the past couple days I have noticed that most people have not been as interested in Charlene’s message as they are in her new hairstyle. And people are not enjoying it at all – frankly, the remarks I have seen out there have been downright unkind (not on this site, though, you guys are awesome). I am particularly surprised that this hairdo is meeting such intense criticism, firstly because I think it actually looks good on Charlene, secondly because she is certainly not the first fashion icon to sport a pixie cut, and thirdly because it wasn’t such a drastic change from her previous hairstyle. Her hair has been short for years now – certainly above her chin – and the pixie cut seems suited to her delicate features, much as it was for her predecessors who sported the cut: Audrey Hepburn, Twiggy, Charlize Theron, Emma Watson, etc. She might be the only princess out there to be daring enough to give it a try, but it’s kind of like her wearing leather pants to an engagement (like she did in this post). Different, bold, strong, modern, fearless, forward. I love her for that. But if people downright hate it, no need to freak: hair grows. Breathe.

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Aside the contentious hairstyle and your possible feelings about it, I certainly wish every American reader a Happy Thanksgiving and a wonderful start to the holiday season. Eat well and give thanks!

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