November 18, 2015

Princess Charlene Debuts a New Haircut at the Red Cross

In anticipatory celebration of Monaco’s National Day, which will be tomorrow, Princess Charlene and Prince Albert went to the Red Cross to partake in parcel distribution. They met and spoke with several Monégasque people who arrived that day, and as part of their gift, the Princely couple included a photo from the twins’ baptism this past May. The weather was crisp and chilled in Monaco, as it usually is over National Day, giving the nation the perfect start to the Christmas season.

But on to the fashion! In keeping with the black theme she started the day prior, Charlene chose a very smart, black wrap dress with brown side clasps and a matching, wide-lapelled black coat. She paired the look with sheer black hose and very surprising, light-brown power heels.

I was teetering on the edge of disliking this ensemble at first, but after looking at it for awhile, I think I have gone to full-on loving it. At first the shoes gave me pause, but they won me over in the end – a daring way of adding an edge to an all-black look. It’s not like they’re hot-pink or anything; they’re very classy and neutral while still giving some pop to the outfit.

At first, again, I wasn’t enamored by the sheer black hose: I probably would have pulled for nude hosiery instead, but I would have been wrong. The only reason these shoes work as well as they do is because of the black hose. It was a stroke of genius. She looks like a supermodel:


But more striking than her outfit (or her neutral, perfect makeup: swoon) was the most obvious stand-out feature of this appearance: Charlene’s new haircut. Wow! Would we call this a pixie cut? I think we would. I like it! I’m a bit saddened by the loss of her sleek bob, but I respect her willingness to make such drastic changes to her hairstyle. In an interview with Prince Albert, he shared that she didn’t have any reservations – or particular interest in his opinion one way or the other, ha! – in regards to this decision. I love her for that. My official statement on the hair is that it is chic, stylish, and that Charlene is probably one of the only princesses on the planet who could – or would – be daring enough to pull it off.

A lovely way to start the National Day festivities in Monaco! I will be back with updates as the week progresses. Here’s hoping we get to see those babies in all their 11-month cuteness!

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