November 16, 2015

Monaco Supports Paris with Ceremony and Moment of Silence

It comes as absolutely no surprise that Monaco was shocked and devastated by the recent attacks in Paris. Being that the two nations share so much culture, land, and history, the Monégasque people have understandably been reaching out to their French neighbors all weekend. Prince Albert wasted no time in expressing his and Monaco’s solidarity with France – as so many nations did – and today the Princely Palace held a service surrounding a moment of silence for the victims of the tragedies. (Photos courtesy of Facebook.)

Charlene was entirely appropriate in her expression of grief for those who lost their lives, in a plain, black ensemble. Obviously, this is no time to discuss the intricacies of her sartorial choices, but in case you are curious to see what Charlene wore, here is a close-up photo:

char 1
Charlene looked respectful and dignified. Choosing slacks over a dress was an interesting move, one that I fully admire and appreciate. I feel like everyone looks to the Princess of Monaco for her dresses, and there really isn’t anything wrong with that, but Charlene’s choice to go with slacks seems (to me) to be a deliberate attempt to halt any focus on her fashion, and keep the focus on the tragedies in Paris. To that end, I will cease discussion on her wardrobe and simply join Monaco in expressing grief and continued support for Paris, the deceased, and their mourning families.

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