October 8, 2015

Oktoberfest and Charlene: a Blast from the Past

October is my favorite month of the year. It’s autumn, the air is liberating and crisp after a suffocating summer, and the leaves echo a delightful crunch under my freshly-resurrected suede, high-heeled boots. I love the autumnal sunrises, glowing amber without the threat of a matching intensity in heat. The pumpkins, too, with their twisted vines and surprising colors, which are so adorable that people often forget to bake them and just use them as home décor instead. And, at least here in upstate New York, it’s apple-picking season, even for she-who-hates-apples (me). Luckily, I have found that a little caramel-and-peanuts action can make even the most basic apple actually taste good.

With all of the busy happenings around me – preschool and birthdays and anniversaries – I almost neglected to slow down and enjoy the season. So yesterday morning, I put my workout regimen aside and instead poured a cup of soothing pumpkin coffee as the sun rose, hopped on my computer, sliced open a caramel apple, and reminisced through Princess Charlene’s past Octobers. Sartorially, she inspired me all over again in so many ways, and I plan to write some bigger pieces on some of her October choices from years past. But for now, I must welcome you to the season in the same way she did three years ago: Oktoberfest!

In October of 2012, Charlene and Albert opened Oktoberfest at the Café de Paris in Monaco. It’s an annual tradition for many countries, Monaco included, so it is lovely to see the dynamic duo taking it in so jovially.

I’ve got to say, Charlene certainly pulled out all the stops with her outfit. Too bad Albert didn’t really go whole-hog with her: it would have been fun to see him in some lederhosen, don’t you think?

Even Charlene’s hair was in the spirit of things. I love it! Maybe not for every day (actually, why not? It looks really good!), but for this event it was delightfully apropos. It’s one of the things I like best about Charlene: she seems so game for anything. This easily could have been an event where she dressed normally, and simply agreed to have a beer to open the festivities. Instead, she arrived in full costume, completely in the spirit of the occasion, and wound up opening Oktoberfest in a grand, fun way. That’s the way to do it!

Charlene is a reminder here, to slow down and enjoy this season full-force. It comes but once a year, so we might as well dress for the occasion – be it by literally wearing the costume or by dipping an apple or sipping a pumpkin latte as we shop for groceries. We must find the time to be game, be grand, and enjoy the spirit of the fall. Here’s wishing you all a beautiful autumn, filled with warmth, caramel apples and, if you’re very lucky, a lovely German ale. Happy October!

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