August 31, 2015

The Princely Couple Bring Their Twins to the Pique-Nique Monégasque

Happy Monday to you all! I come bearing a special treat: the royal babies made an appearance this weekend! Princess Charlene, Prince Albert, and the cutest babies in the world (or at least in all of Monaco) attended the traditional Pique-Nique Monégasque, and the Princely couple couldn’t resist dressing up their precious babies in customary Monégasque attire. The parents, of course, remained in everyday clothing, but it was pretty darn cute to see the young prince and princess embracing their culture.

We see these traditional Monégasque dancers all the time – pretty much at any event in Monaco – so naturally, Charlene watchers are well aware of the national costume.

Princess Gabriella stole the show, wearing a miniature version of the Monégasque costume.

But the pacifier throws off the whole look, don’t you think?? Ha! I KID, of course! This is absolute adorable perfection for everyone, except perhaps Princess Gabriella when she gets older and looks at these photos.

Prince Jacques looked so cute too, though he seems quite aware that the spotlight is on Gabriella. It’s not her fault: the dress is just a more recognizable, signature look for the traditional costume. On a sidenote, can I just say that I am delighted that the Princely couple lets the kids go barefoot? As cute as it is to see little shoes on babies this size, they are completely ridiculous. So if they made the babies wear these outfits, it’s nice that they’re being lax in the footwear department. I love it.

But back to basics, here: let’s look at Charlene.

The mother of those adorable (and undeniably Monégasque) twins wore a gorgeous white-on-white ensemble today, and despite her fair skin, she looked radiant and fresh for the occasion. I wish we had a better glance at her top, since it looks fairly intricate – the neckline and the sleeve, at least, seem to be sheer white, filled with embroidery. The princess paired the top with white skinnies and high-heeled strappy sandals.

Anyone ever try walking, bending, and posing for pictures in high-heels, on cobblestones, while holding an 8 ½ month old baby? Yeah. Not easy. Charlene needs a medal.

Hair and makeup? Both gorgeous. Her hairstyle seems a lot more casual than it has been at past appearances, and I loved it. She looked chic, fresh, and casual all at once, and all while holding a baby. (Another medal to Charlene for daring to wear all-white while holding a baby – these kids are surprisingly clean.)

This really was a rare treat for us, as the Princely couple doesn’t bring the twins out that often. The perfect way to top off the summer. Here’s hoping that September brings many more photos of this beautiful family!

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