July 23, 2015

Princess Charlene Gushes Over the Twins

After a festive mid-July, in which Monaco was celebrating Prince Albert’s 10-year reign, the Princely Palace seems to be taking a hot second to relax and wind down from all the hubbub. Aren’t we all! I wouldn’t complain if we got to see Princess Charlene every day, but I won’t lie to you: it’s been a hectic summer in my home too, and I’ve been kind of glad to see things mellow in Monaco. That being said, while Princess Charlene hasn’t been hitting the pavement, the red carpet, or the water in the last week or so, she has been talking about her twin babies – to my delight!

The two 7-month old tots have been getting a lot of oohs and coos from royal watchers since their birth last December, and they certainly are at the height of royal conversation. Royal babies are such a trend right now – Prince George started it almost exactly two years ago. Such a trendsetter, he is. Now with the Monégasque twins, Princess Madeleine of Sweden’s two-under-two, and Princess Charlotte’s birth, all the recent royal blabber has been about one topic: babies. (Good thing mothers like to talk!)

“Oh, you want to hear about my babies? Pull up a chair, I’ll tell you everything!”

Princess Charlene delighted all of her watchers this week when she gushed about her twins in an interview, given in celebration of Albert’s decade on the throne. According to Charlene, Jacques is the more dominant of the two, often actually being protective of Gabriella, while Gabriella portrays more of – and I’m quoting here – a “princess attitude,” clearly wanting to get her way and, as it sounds, not at all bothered by having a brother who dotes on her.

Doesn’t it clearly look like Jacques could not care less about his dad’s celebration? I love Gabriella’s expression, too, giving her people a glimpse of those baby blue eyes. Presh!

It’s amazing to me that such personality traits – on both their parts – would be visible at such an early age. I suppose with two, traits become more visible as the differing behaviors juxtapose one another. At least with my child, I sort of assumed all babies acted the same until toddlerhood – oh, the naiveté!

To absolutely nobody’s surprise, Charlene did confirm that the babies have taken to the water, and will probably be swimming before they take their first steps. I think this is true of many babies – no? Don’t babies have an aptitude for water if they are introduced to it early enough? Something about being weightless and the similarity to being in the womb…I’ve even heard that they have an automatic reflex to hold their breath underwater, at least until they reach a certain age. True? Any baby-swim teachers out there?

It was absolutely lovely to hear Charlene talking about her beautiful babies. I hope we see more of them in the future, and at the very least, hear about what they’re doing!

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