July 15, 2015

Charlene and Albert Celebrate 10 Reigning Years With Robbie Williams

Ah dear readers, this post comes to you a smidge later than I had anticipated, and it will not be as verbose as my posts tend to be, as my personal life consists of summer visitors right now and my time is limited. However! I will do my best to give you the best photos from this past weekend’s celebratory weekend in Monaco, in which Charlene and Albert enjoy a Robbie Williams concert with ALL of the Monégasque people (and then some, as non-Monégasques who just happened to be there were welcome, too).

How many of you remember Robbie Williams? For me, this guy is a total throwback to high school/college days. Epic!

Charlene and Albert took to the stage too, saying a few words and greeting their guests – which, as I mentioned earlier, included almost everybody.

It appeared that Charlene got a little impatient to get the mic from Albert. Either that, or he was waxing poetic and she’d had enough. I love it, and I can only imagine the dialogue:

“Alright, alright, give me that.”

“No, I’m still talking!”

“I think not, honey, you’re done!”

And in the microphone tug of war…

…Charlene wins! Hooray!

Charlene looked lovely and totally casual-chic in a creamy, almost gold-colored sleeveless blouson, skinny jeans, and strappy flat sandals. I love the outfit! I’m not huge on the strappy sandals, but that’s not anything against them – I just don’t like that style from a personal standpoint. The rest of the outfit wins me over, though. Love!

The princely couple seemed totally smitten with each other all evening long, which was lovely to see. As far as royal couples go, they’re actually very public with their displays of affection, to the sheer delight of so many royal watchers. As much hate as they got around their wedding, they seem to surprise the public over and over by actually being in love. I like it ’cause I just think they’re too cute.

The concert was a resounding success, so much so that the palace seemed to need a day to recover from all the hubbub, as they waited a good, lengthy time before getting around to reporting on it. I understand how that goes – sometimes it takes a day or two to get back to work. Until the next time, which will hopefully be soon, enjoy the photos!

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