July 11, 2015

Charlene Honors Albert With French Speech: Celebrations for Albert’s 10-Year Anniversary Are Underway

The celebrations have begun in Monaco: this month marks a full decade since Prince Albert’s succession to the throne. Though Prince Rainier III had passed away some months prior, Prince Albert officially took the throne on July 12, 2005, after a respectable period of mourning for his deceased father. Monaco has since seen him marry, become the father of twins (read: provide an heir for Monaco!), embark upon countless environmental efforts around the world, fund and create charitable organizations, and keep Monaco as an elevated presence among Europe’s nations.

He recently quipped that the best moments of the past ten years were, of course, his wedding and his babies – awww. Gotta give it to him, the man knows how to keep it real. That’s something to which everyone can relate. He also added, though, that his environmental work has given him some very proud moments, and that’s what he has in store for the next 10 years. I’ve said it before, but he does remind me ever so much of this guy:

I love Prince Charles, don’t you? Albert did confirm that he and Charles have bonded over their environmental concerns (as he has with many other European leaders, but Charles is at the forefront of this particular issue with his fervent stance on sustainability), and Albert wants to keep pushing Monaco in a the direction of sustainability for her future.

I could go on and on, but let’s get back to basics: we talk about Princess Charlene here, and she was ever the presence at the first festivities of the weekend. Before Prince Albert greeted his guests at the Princely Palace – where they were hosting a cocktail party for thousands of Monégasques (holy cocktail napkins) – Charlene scooted ahead of him and surprised him at the podium with a short speech in honor of her husband.

Biggest surprise of all: her speech was in French! Charlene has been absorbing the language for the last 10 years or so, and I greatly suspect she is quite fluent by now, but as far as I know, we’ve never heard her speak in French publicly. This was a major first (and if I can find a video of it, I’ll certainly post it), and it was met with great emotion by Prince Albert. In the speech, Charlene honored her husband by saying, “Si Albert Ier avait été le Prince Explorateur, Rainier III le Prince Bâtisseur, Albert II était le Prince de Son Coeur.” (Loose translation: “If Albert I was the explorer-prince, Rainier III the builder-prince, then Albert II was the prince of hearts.”) Aww! How sweet!

Prince Albert was a huge fan of the compliment. Who wouldn’t be?

Fashion wise, I must admit that I waffled a bit on this dress. After much back and forth in my brain, you’ll be glad to know that I have settled on loving it. I was torn a bit by the midsection, which doesn’t seem to fit just right. I don’t love what it does to her hips – the tailoring kinda makes them point out to the sides – but I can push those opinions to the side and say that the silhouette of the dress and the light pink color are immensely flattering on Charlene.

The back of the dress. The loose panels really surprised me! But not in a bad way. Actually, this detail sort of ups the ante and might have actually sold me on the dress.

Those. Heels. I LOVE that Charlene is not afraid to wear big-girl shoes!

Her hair and makeup, of course, were no less than perfect, and she went low-key on jewelry with simple pearl earrings (and her killer engagement ring, of course). As much as she can dive into bright colors, I think I like her best in neutrals and pastels. She looked radiantly happy.

I will continue updating as this weekend’s festivities unfold. Stay tuned and cross your fingers for some wonderful fashion moments!

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