July 2, 2015

Happy Anniversary to Princess Charlene and Prince Albert!

Sound the churchbells and sing in the streets – today (well, yesterday and today) marks the fourth wedding anniversary of Princess Charlene and Prince Albert. While celebrating an anniversary is still a momentous occasion for any couple, the first anniversary spent with children is a unique one, as it is so startlingly different than the ones that preceded it. Case in point: my third anniversary was spent still in the hospital with my newborn, as I had given birth the day before! While Charlene most certainly did not give birth yesterday, she and Albert do have 7-month old babies, and they are probably spending today fixated with nap schedules and wiping pureed sweet potatoes off of the tots’ little lips – rather than sipping champagne over a moonlit dinner, as they probably did last year. Over here on the blog, though, we have no such issues, and we shall celebrate the anniversary by looking back on the best moments from the wedding day(s).

On July 1, 2011, Charlene Wittstock and Prince Albert II had their civil ceremony at the Princely Palace of Monaco. Charlene chose to be tailored, chic, and appropriate in Chanel for the service, providing a fashion statement without overdoing it. There was a mixed reaction to her outfit: while at first it looks like she is wearing a suit of complete and utter perfection, a full-length shot reveals that this was actually not a suit after all, but rather a dress with a matching jacket:

It’s still lovely, but many boo-hooers out there were quite deflated by the full ensemble. Personally, I found it a surprising combination: the jacket is so structured and tailored, while the dress is flowy and breezy. It works, but the materials seem to clash a bit, and I think that’s what left people underwhelmed.

The night of the civil ceremony, Prince Albert held a concert in honor of his new bride, at which she nixed the jacket and we got to see the strapless dress in its entirety. I love this dress on its own! It’s wispy and elegant all at once, and her necklace was quite something to behold:

Again a mixed bag for royal watchers, no one can seem to agree on this necklace. I like anything that sparkles, and while the waves and very modern style distract me, I stand firm on the side of loving it.

The next morning, Charlene and Albert met at the altar for their religious ceremony, where Charlene wowed the world in an amazing Armani creation:

Heaven. I’ve already done a couple of detailed write ups on the intricacies of this day – both discussing the dress and the drama – so I won’t belabor any points, except to say that Charlene looked regal, statuesque, and every bit the princess (minus the tiara – boooo).

She did look a bit exhausted, which I personally believe was misconstrued as appearing “sad” to the public, but it’s par for the course with brides. When months of planning and hundreds of details all culminate in one day, it catches up with you. (My mother has always said that the best thing you can do for a bride is give her a few shots of whiskey before the ceremony. She’s right, of course.)

The new Prince and Princess of Monaco!

For the white tie reception, Charlene donned her first tiara – one of two that was gifted to her by Prince Albert for their wedding (the other she has yet to wear for an engagement). Again, this is a modern style for a piece of jewelry, especially for a tiara, but this one I love without question.

We saw another Armani dress for the reception, this one wispy like the previous evening’s gown, only significantly more angelic and ethereal. I half expected her to flutter her wings and float away! (Incidentally, I did a more detailed write up of the reception, too, if you’re interested.)

Charlene’s relationship with Monaco is celebrated today as much as her union to Prince Albert, and it has undoubtedly become stronger with time. Charlene has really stepped up to the plate for Monaco, embracing the language, culture, religion, and people as her own. She has birthed two children, organized her own foundation, supported the Monégasque women and children without pause, and married her own interests to those of Monaco seamlessly. She’s working hard on maintaining a healthy relationship here, just as she does in her marriage, and it seems to be reflected in the way that the Monégasque people have shown their love for her.

Here’s to wishing the Princely couple a very happy anniversary, with many to come!

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