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July 26, 2015

Charlene and Albert Attend the Red Cross Ball

Last night, everyone was surprised to see Charlene and Albert – who had just attended the wedding of Pierre Casiraghi at the palace – show up at the Red Cross Ball! It was delightful to see the Princely couple at the event, looking ever-so-much in love and radiantly happy with one another. There was a mix of good, bad, and then good again at the Gala last night, so let’s not waste any time and get right into it.

Let me first dive into the good. There was a lot of good last night! Hair and makeup: stunning. I need this woman’s skintone, or at least her skincare secrets. Charlene absolutely glowed and looked more fresh-faced than a mother of 7-month old twins has ever looked. Not a hair was out of place, and her eyes were hypnotic.

More good: jewelry. Hellooooo diamonds. The diamond earrings were knockouts, and the bracelet…

…I need this bracelet. Yes, that is a completely diamond-encrusted piece, and the photo doesn’t do it justice. Absolutely killer.

The color of the outfit was, truly, stunning on Charlene. The woman can wear bold reds without pause, as it just seems to go with her complexion in a way that many women can only envy. Myself included.

Now, for the elephant in the room, I’ll come out and pinpoint the bad: this outfit. Oh my stars…it was a complete flop. For me, it was a threefold flop: firstly, the fact that this was a jumpsuit instead of a dress. Jumpsuits are trendy and I get it, but people, they are so difficult to get right. This one, for me, did not meet the mark. A perfect event for a flowing evening gown…and we got pants.

Secondly, the shoulder bow was just too big for my tastes, it had almost a clown suit look to it. I half expect the floppy shoes when I see this. Though I think I might have forgiven the bow if the sleeve was either removed or fitted.

And that brings me to the third element: the pantleg-sized sleeve. It just swallowed her up. Charlene has such an amazing physique, which includes her toned arms. We saw one of them, which was good, but the other just got demolished.

Ok, that’s enough of that. End of rant. Now back to the good:

This couple. I mean! They are so in love, and it’s beautiful to see. Perhaps they were inspired by just having attended a wedding, but these two seemed to be making moon eyes at one another all night.

The look of love.

And in total, frank honesty: the dress is not so bad depending on the photos. If the angle is right, Charlene’s radiance shines through, and it works. She pulls it off, and the cameras are forgiving because she is such a natural beauty. If only we all looked this good in a bad outfit, am I right?

I will post photos of the wedding if and when they become available, but I haven’t located any thus far. Please feel free to let me know your thoughts on this red “dress” in the comments below. And feel free to disagree, it would be delightful if my opinion was the minority!

July 23, 2015

Princess Charlene Gushes Over the Twins

After a festive mid-July, in which Monaco was celebrating Prince Albert’s 10-year reign, the Princely Palace seems to be taking a hot second to relax and wind down from all the hubbub. Aren’t we all! I wouldn’t complain if we got to see Princess Charlene every day, but I won’t lie to you: it’s been a hectic summer in my home too, and I’ve been kind of glad to see things mellow in Monaco. That being said, while Princess Charlene hasn’t been hitting the pavement, the red carpet, or the water in the last week or so, she has been talking about her twin babies – to my delight!

The two 7-month old tots have been getting a lot of oohs and coos from royal watchers since their birth last December, and they certainly are at the height of royal conversation. Royal babies are such a trend right now – Prince George started it almost exactly two years ago. Such a trendsetter, he is. Now with the Monégasque twins, Princess Madeleine of Sweden’s two-under-two, and Princess Charlotte’s birth, all the recent royal blabber has been about one topic: babies. (Good thing mothers like to talk!)

“Oh, you want to hear about my babies? Pull up a chair, I’ll tell you everything!”

Princess Charlene delighted all of her watchers this week when she gushed about her twins in an interview, given in celebration of Albert’s decade on the throne. According to Charlene, Jacques is the more dominant of the two, often actually being protective of Gabriella, while Gabriella portrays more of – and I’m quoting here – a “princess attitude,” clearly wanting to get her way and, as it sounds, not at all bothered by having a brother who dotes on her.

Doesn’t it clearly look like Jacques could not care less about his dad’s celebration? I love Gabriella’s expression, too, giving her people a glimpse of those baby blue eyes. Presh!

It’s amazing to me that such personality traits – on both their parts – would be visible at such an early age. I suppose with two, traits become more visible as the differing behaviors juxtapose one another. At least with my child, I sort of assumed all babies acted the same until toddlerhood – oh, the naiveté!

To absolutely nobody’s surprise, Charlene did confirm that the babies have taken to the water, and will probably be swimming before they take their first steps. I think this is true of many babies – no? Don’t babies have an aptitude for water if they are introduced to it early enough? Something about being weightless and the similarity to being in the womb…I’ve even heard that they have an automatic reflex to hold their breath underwater, at least until they reach a certain age. True? Any baby-swim teachers out there?

It was absolutely lovely to hear Charlene talking about her beautiful babies. I hope we see more of them in the future, and at the very least, hear about what they’re doing!

July 15, 2015

Charlene and Albert Celebrate 10 Reigning Years With Robbie Williams

Ah dear readers, this post comes to you a smidge later than I had anticipated, and it will not be as verbose as my posts tend to be, as my personal life consists of summer visitors right now and my time is limited. However! I will do my best to give you the best photos from this past weekend’s celebratory weekend in Monaco, in which Charlene and Albert enjoy a Robbie Williams concert with ALL of the Monégasque people (and then some, as non-Monégasques who just happened to be there were welcome, too).

How many of you remember Robbie Williams? For me, this guy is a total throwback to high school/college days. Epic!

Charlene and Albert took to the stage too, saying a few words and greeting their guests – which, as I mentioned earlier, included almost everybody.

It appeared that Charlene got a little impatient to get the mic from Albert. Either that, or he was waxing poetic and she’d had enough. I love it, and I can only imagine the dialogue:

“Alright, alright, give me that.”

“No, I’m still talking!”

“I think not, honey, you’re done!”

And in the microphone tug of war…

…Charlene wins! Hooray!

Charlene looked lovely and totally casual-chic in a creamy, almost gold-colored sleeveless blouson, skinny jeans, and strappy flat sandals. I love the outfit! I’m not huge on the strappy sandals, but that’s not anything against them – I just don’t like that style from a personal standpoint. The rest of the outfit wins me over, though. Love!

The princely couple seemed totally smitten with each other all evening long, which was lovely to see. As far as royal couples go, they’re actually very public with their displays of affection, to the sheer delight of so many royal watchers. As much hate as they got around their wedding, they seem to surprise the public over and over by actually being in love. I like it ’cause I just think they’re too cute.

The concert was a resounding success, so much so that the palace seemed to need a day to recover from all the hubbub, as they waited a good, lengthy time before getting around to reporting on it. I understand how that goes – sometimes it takes a day or two to get back to work. Until the next time, which will hopefully be soon, enjoy the photos!

July 11, 2015

Charlene Honors Albert With French Speech: Celebrations for Albert’s 10-Year Anniversary Are Underway

The celebrations have begun in Monaco: this month marks a full decade since Prince Albert’s succession to the throne. Though Prince Rainier III had passed away some months prior, Prince Albert officially took the throne on July 12, 2005, after a respectable period of mourning for his deceased father. Monaco has since seen him marry, become the father of twins (read: provide an heir for Monaco!), embark upon countless environmental efforts around the world, fund and create charitable organizations, and keep Monaco as an elevated presence among Europe’s nations.

He recently quipped that the best moments of the past ten years were, of course, his wedding and his babies – awww. Gotta give it to him, the man knows how to keep it real. That’s something to which everyone can relate. He also added, though, that his environmental work has given him some very proud moments, and that’s what he has in store for the next 10 years. I’ve said it before, but he does remind me ever so much of this guy:

I love Prince Charles, don’t you? Albert did confirm that he and Charles have bonded over their environmental concerns (as he has with many other European leaders, but Charles is at the forefront of this particular issue with his fervent stance on sustainability), and Albert wants to keep pushing Monaco in a the direction of sustainability for her future.

I could go on and on, but let’s get back to basics: we talk about Princess Charlene here, and she was ever the presence at the first festivities of the weekend. Before Prince Albert greeted his guests at the Princely Palace – where they were hosting a cocktail party for thousands of Monégasques (holy cocktail napkins) – Charlene scooted ahead of him and surprised him at the podium with a short speech in honor of her husband.

Biggest surprise of all: her speech was in French! Charlene has been absorbing the language for the last 10 years or so, and I greatly suspect she is quite fluent by now, but as far as I know, we’ve never heard her speak in French publicly. This was a major first (and if I can find a video of it, I’ll certainly post it), and it was met with great emotion by Prince Albert. In the speech, Charlene honored her husband by saying, “Si Albert Ier avait été le Prince Explorateur, Rainier III le Prince Bâtisseur, Albert II était le Prince de Son Coeur.” (Loose translation: “If Albert I was the explorer-prince, Rainier III the builder-prince, then Albert II was the prince of hearts.”) Aww! How sweet!

Prince Albert was a huge fan of the compliment. Who wouldn’t be?

Fashion wise, I must admit that I waffled a bit on this dress. After much back and forth in my brain, you’ll be glad to know that I have settled on loving it. I was torn a bit by the midsection, which doesn’t seem to fit just right. I don’t love what it does to her hips – the tailoring kinda makes them point out to the sides – but I can push those opinions to the side and say that the silhouette of the dress and the light pink color are immensely flattering on Charlene.

The back of the dress. The loose panels really surprised me! But not in a bad way. Actually, this detail sort of ups the ante and might have actually sold me on the dress.

Those. Heels. I LOVE that Charlene is not afraid to wear big-girl shoes!

Her hair and makeup, of course, were no less than perfect, and she went low-key on jewelry with simple pearl earrings (and her killer engagement ring, of course). As much as she can dive into bright colors, I think I like her best in neutrals and pastels. She looked radiantly happy.

I will continue updating as this weekend’s festivities unfold. Stay tuned and cross your fingers for some wonderful fashion moments!

July 2, 2015

Happy Anniversary to Princess Charlene and Prince Albert!

Sound the churchbells and sing in the streets – today (well, yesterday and today) marks the fourth wedding anniversary of Princess Charlene and Prince Albert. While celebrating an anniversary is still a momentous occasion for any couple, the first anniversary spent with children is a unique one, as it is so startlingly different than the ones that preceded it. Case in point: my third anniversary was spent still in the hospital with my newborn, as I had given birth the day before! While Charlene most certainly did not give birth yesterday, she and Albert do have 7-month old babies, and they are probably spending today fixated with nap schedules and wiping pureed sweet potatoes off of the tots’ little lips – rather than sipping champagne over a moonlit dinner, as they probably did last year. Over here on the blog, though, we have no such issues, and we shall celebrate the anniversary by looking back on the best moments from the wedding day(s).

On July 1, 2011, Charlene Wittstock and Prince Albert II had their civil ceremony at the Princely Palace of Monaco. Charlene chose to be tailored, chic, and appropriate in Chanel for the service, providing a fashion statement without overdoing it. There was a mixed reaction to her outfit: while at first it looks like she is wearing a suit of complete and utter perfection, a full-length shot reveals that this was actually not a suit after all, but rather a dress with a matching jacket:

It’s still lovely, but many boo-hooers out there were quite deflated by the full ensemble. Personally, I found it a surprising combination: the jacket is so structured and tailored, while the dress is flowy and breezy. It works, but the materials seem to clash a bit, and I think that’s what left people underwhelmed.

The night of the civil ceremony, Prince Albert held a concert in honor of his new bride, at which she nixed the jacket and we got to see the strapless dress in its entirety. I love this dress on its own! It’s wispy and elegant all at once, and her necklace was quite something to behold:

Again a mixed bag for royal watchers, no one can seem to agree on this necklace. I like anything that sparkles, and while the waves and very modern style distract me, I stand firm on the side of loving it.

The next morning, Charlene and Albert met at the altar for their religious ceremony, where Charlene wowed the world in an amazing Armani creation:

Heaven. I’ve already done a couple of detailed write ups on the intricacies of this day – both discussing the dress and the drama – so I won’t belabor any points, except to say that Charlene looked regal, statuesque, and every bit the princess (minus the tiara – boooo).

She did look a bit exhausted, which I personally believe was misconstrued as appearing “sad” to the public, but it’s par for the course with brides. When months of planning and hundreds of details all culminate in one day, it catches up with you. (My mother has always said that the best thing you can do for a bride is give her a few shots of whiskey before the ceremony. She’s right, of course.)

The new Prince and Princess of Monaco!

For the white tie reception, Charlene donned her first tiara – one of two that was gifted to her by Prince Albert for their wedding (the other she has yet to wear for an engagement). Again, this is a modern style for a piece of jewelry, especially for a tiara, but this one I love without question.

We saw another Armani dress for the reception, this one wispy like the previous evening’s gown, only significantly more angelic and ethereal. I half expected her to flutter her wings and float away! (Incidentally, I did a more detailed write up of the reception, too, if you’re interested.)

Charlene’s relationship with Monaco is celebrated today as much as her union to Prince Albert, and it has undoubtedly become stronger with time. Charlene has really stepped up to the plate for Monaco, embracing the language, culture, religion, and people as her own. She has birthed two children, organized her own foundation, supported the Monégasque women and children without pause, and married her own interests to those of Monaco seamlessly. She’s working hard on maintaining a healthy relationship here, just as she does in her marriage, and it seems to be reflected in the way that the Monégasque people have shown their love for her.

Here’s to wishing the Princely couple a very happy anniversary, with many to come!