June 29, 2015

Water Safety Workshops with Princess Charlene

Enough with the red carpets and glam eveningwear: this week, Charlene was out on the beach, rounding up kids with the Princess Charlene Foundation to teach them about water safety. In conjunction with the Foundation, the CEFSSA 40 (the Teaching and Training Center for First Aid and Aquatic Rescue) worked with the Porto-Vecchio Town Hall to orchestrate the workshops on Palombaggia Beach. (Photos courtesy of Facebook.)

Char 6
This was a huge event for the Princess Charlene Foundation, as it hosted 90 young students (all sporting their Princess Charlene Foundation swim caps, no less) on one beach. The students were organized into groups where they went from one workshop to the next, learning first aid, water safety, aquatic rescue techniques, and of course, actually enjoying the water.

Char 8
The experts running the workshops were superstars, including Walter Geyer (Ironman Hawaii 2014), Pierre Frolla, Carlos Alonso, and several other water sports/water rescue world record holders and champions.

Char 7
And Prince Albert was there too! I love seeing him so front-and-center and Princess Charlene’s events. So great to see a supportive hubby!

Char 1
Are they the cutest?!

Char 5
The kids really seemed to be attentive to the workshops, participating in the safety exercises and taking full advantage of listening to these experts.

Mostly though, they seemed to really have a blast splashing in the blue-blue-blue ocean with Charlene:

Char 4
Char 9
Kids just LOVE her. And she loves them, too – her whole face seems to light up when she is able to let loose and play with them.

Char 10
There’s not much to describe in terms of fashion. This beach outing was strictly a wetsuits, sweatshirts, and t-shirts kind of day. Charlene seemed to be putting comfort first in this particular engagement, and I don’t blame her. I actually kind of love that she owns a beat up sweatshirt, just like the rest of us.

Char 3
Didn’t stop her from wearing her starlet shades, though. Love ‘em!

Char 2
A gorgeous day on the beach for a worthwhile endeavor. Now if you’re lucky enough to live near a beach, go have fun, remember your sunscreen, and be safe out there!

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