June 19, 2015

Charlene Goes Sophisticated and Chic in White Gown

June has been an active month for Charlene so far, and she hasn’t stopped yet! In honor of the 55th Monte Carlo TV Festival last week, Charlene and Albert hosted a lavish cocktail reception at the Princely Palace for all of the actors who made the pilgrimage to Monaco. Since the days of Princess Grace, Hollywood and Monaco have enjoyed a very close rapport, so it stands to reason that Albert and Charlene would be excellent hosts to their Hollywood visitors. (Photos courtesy of Facebook and Getty.)

There were oodles of photo ops with TV stars, of course. Here is the Princely couple with Lee Majors and Bo Derek, and then another with Ron Perlman and his wife:

Char 5
Dick Wolf also attended, much to Charlene’s delight:

Fashion wise…

Charlene selected a long-sleeved, white, floor-length gown for the occasion. With a high neckline and pocket embellishments, the simple gown was stunning and the epitome of elegance. She looked like an angel! All she needs is the halo and some fairy wings. In a structural shift from the asymmetrical dresses she’s been sporting lately, this gown was symmetry itself; additionally, the long white gown stands in contrast to last week’s appearance for the TV Festival, at which she wore a short black dress. Even fashion has to eventually balance itself out, right? (As a side note: speaking of balance, did anyone else notice that her hair is parted on the opposite side as it was when she was in the black dress? Totally different! The whole idea of the two looks seems like an intentional, and very well done, balancing act.)

But I’ve got to admit it: the star of this outfit was not the dress, but the earrings. Holy diamonds. As soon as I saw the close-up shots, I couldn’t see anything else.
Char 2

That is…except her smile. Let’s be real, this woman has a killer smile. It just illuminates her whole face. Perhaps her smile is so luminous because of the fact that it’s genuine? She doesn’t paste it onto her face for every second of every engagement, and I appreciate that. When she smiles, we can see that it’s real, and we all take notice.

But I digress. Yes, once again, hair and makeup were flawless. I’m kind of starting to love the bright lipstick shades, and I’m wishing she would do an eye makeup tutorial of some sort on YouTube. (Now THAT would be cool.)

Is it obvious that the best looking couple of the evening was Charlene and Albert? Who knew they were the cutest couple too…

I love some cutesy hand-holding action.

A wonderful appearance from Charlene at the Princely Palace. What did you all think of the all-white gown? Which TV Festival dress did you prefer? I’d love to hear your thoughts, so feel free to share in the comments below!


  1. This dress is absolutely gorgeous, and she is stunning. Her make-up is entirely flawless and she is glowing. Wow. I am getting caught up here, but this is a great post to start on. So lovely. Any idea on designer? It reminds me f Ralph Lauren, but I assume Ralph Lauren isn’t a usual in her closet? Just guessing on that…

  2. Katie Coble says:

    Hi Jane! I can say with much confidence that I have absolutely no idea who designed this gown. But I love it! I can see why you’d find this reminiscent of Ralph Lauren, and it’s definitely a possibility because she has worn the label in the past. I keep hoping the designer’s name will surface – I’ll keep you updated if it does!

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