June 16, 2015

Princess Charlene Wows in Bright Blue for Swimming Dinner

Last Sunday, Prince Albert and Princess Charlene went to the dinner for the 33rd International Swimming Meeting. While I know practically nothing about the meeting or the dinner itself, I wasn’t surprised to see Charlene take part, with swimming being such a key aspect of her life. It’s lovely to see her actively networking with others in the swimming community, keeping that passion alive even while her life changes.

But like I said, I’m not going to pretend I know anything about the meeting! Let’s just jump into the fashion, shall we? (Photos courtesy of Facebook.)

Char 1
Charlene hit it out of the park in a stunning blue dress, and I couldn’t have been more delighted. Blue looks lovely on her, though it always strikes me how she can look tan one day and pale the next. Compare with her look a few nights prior:

Char 1
Tan. And yet at the swimming dinner, she was pale as can be. She looked gorgeous on both occasions – don’t get me wrong, neither is better than the other in my book – but seriously. Is it the lighting? The time of day? The camera flashes? The color choice? I’d love to see Charlene in person to know what her actual skin tone is, because photos just obviously don’t do her justice.

Char 4
Back to the dress, though! The princess went asymmetrical again, though this time with much more resounding success. I loved the cut of the hemline, the half-peplum at the middle and the plunging neckline. This stiffer fabric held up the bold aspects of the dress, doing it justice. Hoorah! And of course, black power pumps to polish off the look.

Char 2
In terms of jewelry, she went simple and elegant with pearl drop earrings. I personally think a stunning necklace would have been aces here, since the neckline practically begs for it, but I can appreciate the bare neck too. Her makeup was bold and bright – once again, I am startled at her ability to pull off these bright lipstick shades that I could never attempt myself. Maybe it’s that chameleon skin tone that helps her out, who knows, but the lady looks good. Hair was slick and straight, which matched the tone for the evening. Very nice styling.

Char 3
I hope you enjoyed the photos and have been loving seeing this much of Princess Charlene lately! This is why I love summer: so many engagements. Until the next one!

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