June 14, 2015

Princess Charlene Opens the 55th Monte Carlo Television Festival

Hello, lovely readers, and a special hello to those of you who enjoyed seeing Duchess Kate at the Trooping yesterday, re-emerging from the newborn phase of motherhood. But she’s not the only royal mom who was busy yesterday: Princess Charlene opened the 55th edition of the Monte Carlo Television Festival at the Grimaldi Forum. This appearance was the perfect mix for someone like me, as it wrapped royal watching and TV into one. Throw in some peach pie and a coffee IV and you’ve got my equivalent of heaven on earth. (Photos courtesy of Facebook.)

Char 6
Char 3
Charlene took plenty of press pictures with some heavy TV stars, and the one that made me the most giddy was this one:

Char 2
Danny Strong, there on the right! Any Buffy the Vampire Slayer fans out there? It’s Jonathan! (He’s also the creator/director/writer/producer of Empire, but who cares about all that when you have a Buffy reference? Buffy trumps everything, guys.)

Also, I know he’s now known to this generation for his work on Dallas, but come on:

Char 7
It’s Patrick Duffy from Step By Step! My 9-year old self is melting down. Danny Strong, Patrick Duffy and Princess Charlene in the same room. Whaaat!

Char 1
Buffy Charlene looked amazing with glam volume in her hair, perfect makeup, and earrings that were to kill for. I love the sparkly gemstones; they seemed to offset her black dress (and match the red carpet!) in just the right way.

Char 4
Her asymmetrical, wrap-style black dress was an odd combination of busy and simple. I think that’s a good thing overall: too much in either direction would be off, either hectic or boring. But while this dress was neither hectic nor boring, it didn’t seem to satisfy me. The material seemed very simple and light, but it might have been too light to handle the draping at the waist. It seemed to sag in the wrong places for me, which is unfortunate because I actually like the dress otherwise. The length was appropriate, the heels were great (though I’d have preferred something without the ankle straps), and asymmetry in a dress can be a knockout if executed properly – do we all remember Kate’s Roksanda Ilincic from Australia? It was amazing. But then, it also had a stiffer inner fabric that could hold up the unnatural angles, so that the outer – and more flowy – fabric would drape properly. Ah! I get so caught up in details. Bottom line: this was good, but not great. Not Charlene’s fault, though.

Char 8
And now I’m off to re-visit some old Buffy episodes. Overall, a lovely appearance from Princess Charlene!

Char 5 17-05-25
P.S. – since when do royals sign autographs?! I want one!!

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