June 12, 2015

Public Speaking and Sailing for Princess Charlene

Princess Charlene has been a busy bee this week! While this always makes me a happy gal, I’ve been traveling myself, and so I didn’t get around to Charlene’s engagements until now. That being said, two engagements will be lumped into one on this post. Alright, let’s get going! (Photos courtesy of Facebook.)

Charlene 10
To start with, Charlene spoke at the Women in Leadership Summit last weekend, with resounding success. She focused her speech on the inequalities surrounding women, surmising that education and sports are key elements in shedding discrimination and empowering the next generation of women. (And look, it’s Martha Stewart up there with her!) Who loved Charlene’s dress/suit? I did! Black and white, edgy, appropriate length, and killer heels. Here’s an excerpt from her speech, courtesy of MonacoInfo’s YouTube channel:

Public speaking is tricky, friends. Charlene did a great job, save for a few instances where her intonation seemed to rush her sentences – either that, or her notes forgot to add the necessary commas for proper inflection. She did well, but I suspect a slower delivery (or perhaps more rehearsed recitations) would solve these problems. (It is worth noting that these suggestions for improvement are the result of living with a public speaking professor/genius for a husband.) I kept getting distracted by her amazing eye makeup, though. Love it!

And yes, that above photo was the only one I could find from the Summit. Unfair! Ah well. Onto the next.

A few days after her speaking engagement, Charlene hosted a group of students from Nice, France, to study marine life in Monaco.

Charlene 7
The kids were invited by the Princess Charlene Foundation and the Oceanographic Museum of Monaco to participate in the “Snapper For All” initiative, which gives needy children the opportunity to start a lifelong love for the ocean and its inhabitants, with the hopes of protecting it in the future.

Charlene 5
Together with Charlene, they headed out to sea on a privately owned boat, where they were able to watch the dolphins and learn about marine life.

Charlene 3
The children were all sorts of delighted to spend the day with a Princess, as you can imagine.

Charlene 9
Charlene 2
Charlene 1
There was a lot of group-hug action going on, and one particular young lady seemed thrilled to pieces to have quality time with a real-live princess:

Charlene 4
Charlene looked comfortable and classy in a loose-fitting, informal blouse, paired with dark-wash denims and her starlet shades. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: I love these sunglasses. Glam to the max (even when she’s wearing a t-shirt. Life is not fair!).

Charlene 6
Hair and makeup are natural, relaxed, and breezy. Perfect for hanging out on a boat with a bunch of kids!

Charlene 8
And just to top it off: check out that water. Monaco = heaven? Um, YES. See you next time!

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