June 6, 2015

Princess Charlene Celebrates Corpus Christi: the Feast of the Body and Blood of Christ

Another joyous day for myself and all you Charlene followers out there: the princess made an appearance at the Princely Palace this week, and it was a lovely one at that! This past Thursday, Charlene participated in Monaco’s national celebration of Corpus Christi. (Photos courtesy of Facebook.)

Charlene 1
As a Catholic nation, Catholic traditions are regularly observed in Monaco, including Holy Days of Obligation. These days are plentiful and peppered throughout the year, and one of them took place this past Thursday: 60 days after Easter is the celebration of Corpus Christi, the feast day of the body and blood of Christ.

Charlene 2
Following a Mass celebrated by Monsignor Barsi, the traditional procession of the Sacred Host entered into the Court of the Princely Palace’s Palatine Chapel. Princess Charlene obviously took part in the service from the Hercules Gallery, where she could view the service in its entirety and participate accordingly.

Charlene 3
The feast day takes place exactly 60 days after Easter, which lands always on a Thursday – a key part in the feast day, given that it is meant to echo the celebration of the Last Supper, which also took place on a Thursday. The feast was put into practice back in the 13th century, when Pope Urban IV insisted on honoring the physical and real presence of Jesus Christ in the bread and wine of communion. After Mass, the celebration includes a Eucharistic procession, which is what we saw in Monaco. (As a sidenote, the feast day is often shifted to the following Sunday in many countries, including the United States. I am posting this blog on a Saturday, just to keep you all on your toes!)

Ok, enough with the history – let’s move on to Charlene!

Charlene 5
She looked gorgeous today, am I right?! I’m not certain I’ve seen her in this shade of blue very often, but I love it on her. It seems to resonate with her eyes very well, and she looks very serene. Black and blue are often considered clashers (I don’t think I’ll ever get over Duchess Kate’s unsuccessful blue and black contrast); however, if done appropriately, they can be gloriously successful. This is one of those cases, I think!

Charlene 7
Charlene’s hair was stunning – it seems as though she might be growing it out? That would be interesting; it has been awhile since we have seen her with a longer hairstyle. Color me intrigued. I’m not a huge fan of her lipstick choice today, though she does pull of the fuchsia-pink in a way that never ceases to amaze me. The woman has guts to reach for that shade, let alone in the daytime. And I’ve got to give it to her: she knows how to coordinate her look. Her lips are the same shade as the blooms surrounding her!

Charlene 6
For those of you who are Catholic: I hope you had/will have a lovely feast day, and maybe you got some sartorial inspiration from Charlene here!

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