June 4, 2015

Mother’s Day in Monaco: Princess Charlene Visits New Mothers and Their Babies in the Hospital

Monaco celebrated its Mother’s Day this week, and Princess Charlene was not shy about sharing the love. Being a new mother herself, it seems apropos that she would want to congratulate all the other new mothers in her country. To that end, HSH made a very special visit to the Princess Grace Hospital – the same place where her own twins were delivered – to meet with the newest mothers in Monaco and the Monégasque Red Cross. Of course, baby-cuddle-action was in full effect, too. (Photos courtesy of Facebook.)

Charlene 3
It must have been a very emotional visit for Charlene, probably quite reminiscent of the time she spent recuperating in the hospital after her c-section last December. It wasn’t revealed whether the mothers she met had natural or ceasarean births; I don’t think it matters one way or another. Birth is birth!

Charlene 1
She looks absolutely delighted at getting to hold newborns again. It seems that motherhood has really taken to Charlene; she looks very, very happy around mothers and babies. Does anyone else notice the glow that her smile has? It lights up her face.

Charlene 9
Charlene 7
Perfect makeup and hair doesn’t hurt, either. Wink, wink!

On to the fashion…

Ok, kids. I’m not going to lie to you: it was bad. This day was full of extreme highs – the cause, the babies, the mothers, the glow! – and extreme lows. The fashion, I’m afraid to say, was the extreme low.

Charlene 6
Granted, I didn’t hate all of the outfit. The white blouse and white skinnies were killer for me, especially since Charlene is so trim and fit. She can pull off the streamlined look with resounding success. But the coat. I mean…I love Charlene. Y’all know I love Charlene. But that coat was a disaster. Basically anything with square holes is a disaster, folks. Just say no.

Charlene 2
And the hoodie didn’t help. *Shudder.*

Charlene 4
I didn’t love the shoes either, which is a big deal for me. I love me some heels – especially being only about 5’2” myself, heels make me drool with delight – but these seemed sort of dated to me. Is that just me being picky? I feel like these were my prom shoes.

Ok, so today was not a sartorial win. But! It was a win in the hearts of many, because of what Charlene did. In meeting with the Red Cross and focusing in on maternal/infant care, she drew attention to her country’s (and indeed, the world’s) most important foundational resource: mothers. It is a reminder that they raise up the future, and that’s where the importance lies. She’s got a beautiful heart, this princess.

Charlene 8
Love your mother!

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