May 26, 2015

Grand Prix de Monaco, Part 2: Charlene Goes Racecar-Glam for Cocktail Reception

Cocktail hour in Monaco, in honor of the Grand Prix, sounds so magnificently glamorous I can barely stand it.

Charlene 1
On this past Saturday evening, Prince Albert and Princess Charlene hosted a reception at the Princely Palace in honor of the Grand Prix, celebrating the Formula 1 and the many sportsmen associated with the race. Since I’m about as far from a racing enthusiast as you can get, my focus on this post will mainly revolve around Charlene and her sartorial choices for the event. However, if you happen to know plenty of fascinating details about the attendees of the cocktail reception, please feel free to enlighten us in the comments below! (Photos courtesy of Facebook.) But before I jump into the fashion…

Charlene 2
…this is one driver I can actually point out! Nico Rosberg is a Formula 1 driver and winner, and though he resides in Monaco (at least I’m pretty certain he does), he retains dual citizenship with Germany, and races for Germany in the Grand Prix. He’s here with his wife, Vivian, who is expecting a baby in August.

That, right there, is all I know about racecar drivers. Total.

Onto the fashion!

Charlene 5
Princess Charlene looked like a racing beauty in a dark, edgy gown. This gown has almost the same ink-blue tone of Kate’s three-peat Jenny Packham, although this gown is much sportier. The neckline is almost racerback, with a plunging (but not too much!) zippered neckline and what looks like a taffeta skirt.

Charlene 9
While I’m not huge on the different materials of the bodice and skirt, particularly at the point where they meet one another on the dress, I do LOVE this dress. The way it is fitted is daring, elegant, classy, and confident all at once. (Sidenote: we all know Charlene is tall, but doesn’t that above photo make her look towering?!)

Charlene 7
The color is not black, not blue, not gunmetal, but somewhere in between all of those. Combined with her knockout smoky eye makeup and the naturally moss-green color of her eyes, the whole look almost gives her the gleam of spilled gasoline, that lovely shade that can never quite be replicated because of its elusive, trompe-l’oeil rainbow of colors. And of course, nothing could be more perfect for a night celebrating racecar driving.

Charlene 4
Excepting, of course, the gorgeous sparkly somethings that are hanging from her ears. Hello diamonds! I LOVE these earrings. The chandelier style sparklers are a huge change of pace for Charlene, whose most recent engagements have all included pearls. Enough pearls, I say, when you have diamonds like these. YES!

Charlene 6
And I chose this photo so you could get a good (or better, at least) look at her hair. Magnifique. This coif is done to perfection, giving her short locks some lift and volume to match the tone of the gown. It is glamazon to the max. This shot also gives you a better idea of the back of the bodice, or at least how it is cut around her shoulders. I don’t blame her for being confident: her arms are amazing. (Note to self: take up swimming.)

Charlene 8
Onto the next Grand Prix post of this series: the Grand Prix itself. Charlene was a knockout again, so check back to get all the details! Until then, enjoy these pics and drool over them as I have.

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