May 24, 2015

Grand Prix de Monaco, Part 1: Charlene Visits with the Disabled

It’s Grand Prix time in Monaco! There has been a lot of buildup for this weekend, as Monaco hosts the 73rd Grand Prix. I’m not really one for car racing, but the Grand Prix is at least a step classier than Nascar, and since royalty attend, I put up with it. The big fixation of this race is, naturally, Formula 1; however, for me (and perhaps for you too), the fixation was Princess Charlene. There were a handful of events this weekend, so I’m going to do a few separate posts and put them in chronological order (photos courtesy of Facebook). Here we go!

Charlene 4
Yesterday, during the qualifiers for the race, Charlene and Albert made an appearance at the stadium’s handicapped stand.

Charlene 7
The Princely couple spent a good deal of time chatting with these lovely Grand Prix fans, and Charlene charmingly brought her dog. Why do I not know this dog’s name, or anything about her?! Charlene seems smitten with the pooch. And she shares the love with a precious admirer:

Charlene 3

I really, really liked her outfit for this casual outing:
Charlene 1

Charlene 2
Très, très chic. I am usually not one to call ballet flats “chic,” but Charlene could convert me (funny how often she does that…). I need to know where she got these shoes, guys. They are too cute. I also love the white blouson with the white skinnies, paired with the nude jacket and flats. All the right matches in all the right places.

Charlene 5
I only wish I had a better look at the blouse. The sleeves on the jacket are surprisingly loose, and it appears as if the blouse has the same effect. I think I like it, but I just can’t tell enough from the pictures to cast a vote. But overall, I love the outfit.

Charlene 6
And natch, her hair and makeup were. Flaw. Less.

Charlene 8
Lovely first event of the weekend! Just wait until you see what she wore next. Prepare your fainting couch, that’s all I’m gonna say. I’ll be back soon, so stay tuned!

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