May 16, 2015

Nannies: Reason #1 I Wish I Were a Royal Mother

This blog started on the day that Princess Charlene gave birth to her two gorgeous babies, so we are constantly talking about Charlene’s role as a mother. It was more evident than ever at the twins’ baptism, at which Charlene was the glowing, proud, and Dior-matching mother of those two adorable tots. But one thing that thrilled me about the baptism, maybe more than the Dior? The nannies. (Photos courtesy of Facebook and Getty.)
Royals get flack from absolutely everywhere for having nannies. The hate comes from all around, from simple, innocent zings here and there to the toilet-talk of internet trolls. Seems like everyone has a bee in their pants about the fact that royals are not hesitant to dole out hefty wads of cash to highly qualified professionals to help them look after little ones. But you know something? I’m not one of those people, because let me tell you, I’d do it too if I had the means.

There. I said it. I’d hire a nanny.

Raising just one baby into a walking, talking, fully-functional person is probably the most physically, emotionally, and mentally taxing job that exists. There’s no more time for those things that used to be entertaining pre-baby. The movies? What are the movies? What is the definition of a movie – remind me again? During my most recent visit to a toddler play room, one mother of a 7-month old told me that it took her three days to get through a 30-minute episode of a show with her husband. And that’s on a normal week. Don’t get me started on the times when the kids are sick, throwing tantrums, or refusing to wear pants. Even those of us who wore our babies in slings, breastfed, co-slept, and never gave our babies a bite of jarred baby food are ready to admit it: bring on the nannies.

Here are Prince Albert and Princess Caroline with their nanny, and everyone looks cheery (well, Princess Caroline looks a little irritated at the camera flashes). Know why? The kids are getting loads of lovely attention, they have a calm mother who is not wiped out every day, and the nanny is getting paid. Everyone is happy.

The beginning of this video is, as of yet, the only footage I can find of Princess Charlene’s nannies (sorry for the iffy video, it truly is the only thing I could find to show you. The video is courtesy of YouTube, of course):

There are no pictures – at least none that I can find and put on this blog – of the nannies on their own or with Jacques and Gabriella. Just this video (in which they do look doting, and quite lovely too, in matching outfits just like the twins!), which to me suggests that perhaps Charlene is quite aware of the stigma that comes along with hiring nannies. I admired the chutzpah of the Cambridges to put their desire for a nanny on full display; however, I quite identify with Charlene’s apparent ambivalence to outwardly expressing her need for help. Admitting to needing help with children is almost like admitting defeat (but when did that happen? It certainly still takes a village to raise a child, and yet mothers are extremely judgmental toward one another about this issue), especially when the world is just waiting for you to do something wrong.

But back to the video! I, for one, am delighted that Charlene has professional help with caring for her twins, because it’s hard enough with just one baby. I was even more delighted to see that she has a dedicated nanny for each baby, which is a blessing on each child, nanny, and parent. And those children are so well behaved, it’s obvious that the nannies have been a lovely influence on their demeanor and calmness. And look at Charlene:

That’s a happy mama!

Bottom line: nobody’s allowed to judge a mother of twins. Let’s give Charlene a break, or perhaps even some applause, and be thrilled for her! She can afford help, so that not only are her children looked after with an abundance of attention, but she gets to be her own person too and *enjoy* her children. Amen. Now if she’d only hire a nanny and send her in my direction, all would be right with the world…

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