May 10, 2015

The Baptism of the Princely Twins

Sound the churchbells and dance in the streets: today was the baptism of Prince Jacques and Princess Gabriella! Monaco has been preparing for this event for weeks now, decking the cathedral in scads of white blooms and billowing curtains. All of the principality was invited to join in the service outside the cathedral, where the service streamed on a screen for the Monégasque people to watch. (Naturally, inside the cathedral was reserved for the close friends and family of the twins. Photos here courtesy of Facebook and Getty, as always!)

Monaco certainly did not skimp when it came to celebrating the twins: folk dancers performed, gun salutes resounded, and cheering supporters greeted the twins upon their exit from the cathedral. The crowds boasted flags, balloons, and of course, cameras (cause wouldn’t you want to take pictures if you were there?!).

Princess Charlene looked particularly taken with all of the hubbub – how delightful to see so many people sharing in the joy of her children, sending them good wishes. It must have been quite touching for her.

I’ve got to say, besides how glowing Charlene looked (and we’ll get to that in a minute), the thing that struck me most is how GOOD these babies are. Check out this clip-style video of the baptism and you’ll see what I’m saying:

I mean. They didn’t fuss or anything, bless their little hearts. Even when the water hit their cue-ball coconuts, they didn’t seem the least bit bothered. They’re little angels! I hope they act that way at home, too…

On to the fashion! The babies first, since it’s their day. The twins wore bespoke baptismal gowns from Baby Dior, which looked light and breezy (perhaps due to the heat?) in terms of material. The gowns were embroidered with foliage detail and each child’s monogram, but they weren’t overly ornate, which I personally find lovely. I know some people go all-out with baptismal gowns, but I prefer the “less is more” variety. Simple, elegant, tasteful. And haute couture, of course – ha!

Speaking of couture! I was jumping for joy when I saw Charlene’s dress: a bespoke version of a dress from the Dior Haute Couture line that we saw in January. You may remember the original dress:

Lovely. But definitely needed altering for Charlene. Here’s a better look at her dress:
Shorter length, longer sleeves. Read: perfection. I don’t even think there’s a need to say more on this. I absolutely loved it. Total win all around!

Charlene accessorized with a very unique hat – would you call this a pillbox hat? Or something else? At first I thought she had some sort of veil on. It’s kinda strange, but I definitely like it. The way it frames her hair and face: she is just luminous.

She also completed the look with pearl-drop earrings (not unlike Duchess Kate’s Annoushka pearls which she most recently wore when debuting Princess Charlotte), knitted white gloves, and heavenly pumps – from what we can see. I’d love to see a better photo of the shoes, if only to drool over them. I have a problem, folks.

The godparents all looked lovely too, particularly Nerine Pienaar (left). I like her dress very much, and it too reminded me of Kate – anyone else remembering her L.K. Bennet from Australia? Only I think I actually like this dress better, to my own amazement!

And I just love this photo: Princess Caroline doting on her niece! She just can’t get enough. Swoon.

Alright, folks, that was a glorious day in Monaco. I know we all hope to see these babies again soon, cause they’re really stinking cute, so cross your fingers and I’ll keep you updated if anything comes up on the horizon. (And for those of you readers in the USA who happen to be mothers: Happy Mother’s Day!) Have a wonderful Sunday, everyone!

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