May 7, 2015

The Twins’ Godparents: A Pre-Baptism Press Release

In just three short days, we will get to watch the royal baptism in Monaco! It has been months since we’ve seen the twins on the balcony at the Princely Palace, and they were super cute then (photos courtesy of Facebook and Getty):

But when they get baptized on Sunday, they’ll be an adorable five months old and brimming with personality. The names of the godparents have been released three days prior to the event, probably so that the focus of the day remains on the baptism itself and not the choices. First, let’s start with the godparents of the Hereditary Prince:

For Jacques, the godmother will be Diane de Polignac Nigra, and the godfather will be Christopher Le Vine, Jr., nephew of the late Princess Grace. As for Jacques’ sister…

For Gabriella, the godmother will be Nerine Pienaar, one of Charlene’s close friends (and wife of a South African rugby player), and the godfather will be Charlene’s brother, Gareth Wittstock.

Babies 2
Lovely choices! Many royal watchers are baffled – and some rather upset – that neither of Albert’s sisters were named as godmothers; however, I personally don’t find it that unsettling. I’m surprised, but sort of delighted: it’s nice that the Princely couple seems to be reaching out to more distant relatives (with the exception of Charlene’s brother). In a way, it casts a wider net for the children, widening their circle and pulling it closer. I suspect the twins will be close to their paternal aunts already, but now they will have several connections elsewhere, too.

The baptism on Sunday will take place at the Cathedral, of course. And just to do a little TBT, here are some photos to drool over until we get to see the twins in all their glory:

Albert 2
Albert 3
Prince Albert’s baptism, from inside the Cathedral. And wasn’t Caroline the cutest:

Albert 1
Those little shoes. Must have!

And here is Princess Stéphanie’s baptism – I had to post this one because they’re in almost the exact same spot as Charlene and Albert in the first photo. Chills! I love it.

Babies 3
When Sunday rolls around, remember that the ceremony itself will be private, but it will be broadcast here in case you want to watch it: I’m not exactly sure how the ceremony is considered private if it’s still being broadcast – perhaps because the press and public will not be allowed *inside* the Cathedral? I don’t know, but there it is. I’m glad we’ll get to see it, so I’m not bothered in the slightest! See you soon!


  1. actually, this wasn’t the case…Jacques’s godfather was D. Christopher LeVine, Jr’s son, D. Christopher LeVine III. Somewhere along the line, someone got the translation wrong from junior to third for some reason.

    Also, Jacques’s godmother is a distant cousin of Prince Albert, on his grandfather, Prince Pierre’s side. I believe that she’s the granddaughter of one of Prince Pierre’s brothers or something like that.

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