April 22, 2015

Happy Earth Day to Prince Albert and Princess Charlene!

As you are probably well aware, today is Earth Day: a day in which we reflect on our environmental impact and hopefully make resolutions to lessen the carbon footprint we make on our planet. So many of us consistently remember to think of the earth and its needs, but few are as dedicated as Princess Charlene’s husband, Prince Albert II, whose Foundation is dedicated to environmental conservation and sustainability. Monaco’s Prince is fiercely passionate about protecting the planet, perhaps because he has such a clear view of its majesty from his corner of the world:

If you see that every day, you want to save it. Few vistas compare with the Riviera, and having grown up with the Mediterranean in his backyard might well have planted the proverbial seed of environmental protection. (Now someone go plant a seed of some kind!)

The Prince Albert II Foundation was established almost immediately after Albert succeeded to the throne in Monaco, and given that it bears his name, it echoes his deepest concerns. His Foundation reaches several environmental issues, and the Prince personally touches all of them himself, supporting not only through the Foundation, but with his actions and words. (Photos courtesy of Facebook and Getty.)

Water 1
Albert has been instrumental in raising awareness with regards to water conservation, and he recently participated in the 7th World Water Forum in South Korea, where the main focus was accessibility of clean water around the world.

Water 2
Water 3
He not only attended the Forum, but was a key figure in the panel discussions. Anyone who isn’t living under a rock knows the importance of clean water…and its scarcity. In fact, the Prince of Wales – who is also zealous about environmentalism – is said to save his bath water for gardening purposes. Now that’s dedication.

Gotta love him!

Bees 1
Albert and Charlene also keep bees at the Princely Palace, and have a total of 9 hives at the Gardens of Fontvieille. With the help of Prince Albert, the Principality has been closely associated with the National Union of French Beekeeping due to the importance of bees for environmental sustainability and growth. (Plus, some honey from local bees will keep allergies down for the entire Princely family – though the twins will have to wait until they are at least 1 year old before they can partake in this natural gift, as honey is a no-no for babies.)

And as we’ve seen before, the Prince was involved in the take-off for the first solar airplane, giving the final green light to the pioneering pilots and offering a control center based in Monaco. Renewable energy, and especially solar energy, is going to be crucially important in coming years, so we could all stand to take a cue from the Prince here and do what we can.

So happy earth day to you all! Think about your resources and try your best to conserve, be it by recycling, reusing water à la Prince Charles, cloth diapering, going vegetarian like Charlene, or even something as simple as eliminating paper towels from your households. Reduce, reuse, recycle, maybe plant a tree, and pretend you’re looking out onto the Mediterranean from your back porch. Love your Mother Earth!

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