April 15, 2015

Charlene Arranges Cultural Exchange & Gives Swimming Lessons to Students

Yesterday, Princess Charlene provided an opportunity for the young South African rugby team – the one that participated in last Saturday’s Sainte Dévote tournament – to spend the day at a local Monégasque school, Collège Charles III, meeting with their Direction of National Education of Youth and Sports. The students and the school gave the South African team a very warm welcome. (Photos courtesy of Facebook.)

Naturally, the students had a very warm interchange, and their conversations were amicable to say the least.

It looks like they had a blast getting to know each other, learning from one another’s experiences, and seeing the Monégasque lifestyle through the eyes of those their own age.

After the meeting, Charlene succumbed to the requests of the South African students: a swim lesson, pretty please!!

Who are we kidding? Of course she entertained the request, and with gusto! Her whole mission with the Princess Charlene Foundation is to teach children to swim. I imagine she jumps at dives into any opportunity to do that first-hand.

Charlene wore a cream, sleeveless jacket over a black (and also sleeveless) blouse for the non-swimming portion of the day. Unfortunately, we didn’t get a better photo of her entire outfit, so this is all we saw…except the wetsuit she wore in the pool. She looked radiant and chic the whole day through, though my personal opinion is that she looks her most joyous and free when in the water. It’s great to see her swimming with kids!

To top off the day, the principal of Collège Charles III put together a request, “from the heart, a testimony of our affection,” by proposing that Charlene become the patron of the school. Of course, this proposal was met by immense cheers from all the students.

Children, swimming, Monaco, and South Africa all in one event – a heavenly combo for Charlene. It’s so lovely to see her in her element.

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