April 13, 2015

Princess Charlene Hosts Luncheon and Youth Rugby Tournament

Happy Monday, all! Princess Charlene was busy-busy this weekend, entertaining at the Palace and then hosting the Sainte Dévote Tournament at the stadium in Monaco. Both events happened on the same day, so I’m lumping them into one giant post. Especially since the outfit was the same for both, it would seem foolish to separate the two occasions. (Photos courtesy of Facebook.)

Char 2
First on the itinerary for this past Saturday was a luncheon that Charlene and Albert held at the Palace for some friends and family. All the guests are involved with tennis in some way, and thusly they all must have made lovely lunching companions.

Attending the luncheon were Roger Federer and his wife, Mirka. Both are Swiss tennis players who participated in the 2000 Sydeny Olympics along with Charlene. In addition to having their athletic pasts in common, the Federers have two sets of twins. Undoubtedly Charlene has been communicating with them and seeking advice on how to survive!

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And of course, since this lunch took place at the Princely Palace, Charlene’s dog was in attendance too. Adorable!

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In addition to the Federers, Zeljko Franulovic attended the luncheon, along with Baroness Elizabeth-Ann de Massy and her daughter, Melanie-Antoinette. The Baroness is Albert’s first cousin and president of the Monégasque Tennis Federation, while Franulovic is a former Croatian tennis player and the current Monte Carlo Masters tournament director. (Looking at the below photo, who else wants to straighten out the painting on the right and fix the light bulb on the left?)

Char 5
Charlene wore a non-black outfit today – hallelujah! She must read the blog! She looked fresh and springy in a casual-chic outfit. She opted for skinnies, a cream-colored blouse, beige booties (love love love) and a very surprising cape. In the first photos, I didn’t realize this was such a long piece, so this photo made me do a double-take. I actually like it very much. Does it classify as a cape with the arm slots? I don’t know. But I’ll call it a cape because I’m lazy. It billows nicely, providing a fashion statement even in an informal setting. I’m loving it! She paired the outfit with a pearl necklace and her pearl studs. Makeup and hair were fresh and natural, as expected. Gorgeous.


Later in the day, Charlene went down to the stadium to host the Sainte Dévote Tournament, which consisted of 12 youth rugby teams from 9 different countries. The event was organized jointly by the Princess Charlene Foundation and the Monégasque Rugby Federation.

Char 8
Char 13
They even designed a rugby event for toddlers. So. Stinking. Cute.

Char 12
I loved this little girl who was oh-so-excited to meet a real princess. I think I’d wear a plastic tiara too.

Photos with the teams:

Char 9 17-39-01
Char 11
Char 14
Char 10
Everyone seemed to really enjoy her presence. And can we just stop for a minute to talk about her sunglasses? She has the glamour look down pat. I need those shades, guys.

Char 7
All in all, a jam-packed, very successful (and fashionable) day for HSH Princess Charlene. Looked like a gorgeous day to be out in Monaco!


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    I love it when she does her hair this way.

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